Volunteering with Children and Women

Volunteering with Children and Women

As women and youth all over the world band together to make change, travelers heading abroad are seeking programs to inspire and make a difference. Women’s empowerment programs and youth volunteer opportunities are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason! These programs work with the strengths, abilities, and interests of the individuals, as well as provide them with life-changing skills, motivation, and inspiration to change their lives.

Through the many ways of giving back at one of these volunteer programs, you are not only making a positive change in your own life but in the lives of others that are often neglected or forgotten.

Experiences you can have on a youth volunteering program:

Teach kids sports in South Africa

Volunteering with children in South Africa is both life-changing and fun! At this unique sports program, you will assist teachers and other volunteers at various sports programs including soccer, cricket, tennis, netball, and more. This program helps the youth develop athletic skills, confidence, and team-building skills. Through your time at this program, you’ll stay in a coastal village with plenty of opportunities to enjoy free time and explore.

Consider joining GVI at this important program that benefits youth in South Africa.

Volunteer with special needs youth in India

As a volunteer with special needs youth in India, you will have the opportunity to help implement and develop programs that support physical education, as well as mental stimulation. By getting involved in sports and games, arts, and other basic activities, you are helping support local specialist teachers. Depending on the needs of the program, you may also assist in the vocational division of the school or a relief settlement where you have the opportunity to offer therapeutic activities.

Join GVI in Kerala and help make a difference with special needs youth education.

Arts & English education in Costa Rica

If you are looking to get involved in hands-on education with kids in Costa Rica, this program is a fantastic opportunity to work in many different aspects of education. From daycare centers, elementary schools, or kindergarten, to programs working with young teens, you can take your pick! You’ll help with supporting the local teachers, teaching a specialized subject, or English support for teens who need a little more attention to develop their skills.

Check out Kaya Volunteer’s youth education program in Costa Rica and make an impact on kids between the ages of 2-15.

Animal therapy with youth in Ecuador

Animal therapy is recognized around the world as an effective therapy for emotional, mental, and physical rehabilitation. As a volunteer at this program, you will have the fantastic opportunity to spend time with children who have special needs and aid in their therapy sessions. You will also help take care of the horses and dogs that are the center of this program. You will help develop the balance, coordination, rhythm, and more through specialized therapies with the animals and patients.

Join Love Volunteers in Quito, Ecuador and make a huge difference through animal therapy.

Experiences you can have on a women’s empowerment program:

Volunteering with women’s education in Nepal

Many women in Nepal beyond the age of 16 are suffering due to the denial of a proper education in their younger years. This program works with these women to help them obtain a Grade 10 equivalent education as well as teach them skills in modern technology (cell phones, e-mail, etc). The women are eager to develop their skills and education, and volunteers play a key role in furthering their education.

Join IVHQ and volunteer with women’s education in Nepal for a minimum of one week and help provide English education as well as technical skills.

Women’s education & skills training in Morocco

The fight for women’s rights in Morocco starts with education and the development of important skills. As a male-dominated country, Moroccan women are often illiterate and have few opportunities to receive skills training. This program offers workshops led by volunteers in order to provide these women with training and improve their self-confidence, independence, and standard of living.

With Love Volunteers you can join this program in Morocco for at least 4 weeks. This duration allows you to bond with the women and make the most difference!

Helping survivors of domestic abuse in the Philippines

At this program in the Philippines, you can work with vulnerable women who have suffered domestic abuse, abandonment, and sexual crimes. This program is extremely sensitive and is open only to female volunteers due to the nature of the experiences of the women.

As a volunteer at this program, you will help the permanent staff by providing the women with specialist skills, mentoring, emotional support, livelihood programs, as well as recreational activities.

Consider joining Kaya Volunteers at this women’s empowerment program in Tacloban, a region severely affected by the typhoon in 2013.

Building businesses and developing skills in Costa Rica

Women in Costa Rica are taking the initiative to support their families through a cooperative which started in 1993. This orchid cooperative originally started with 35 women but is now operated by just 8 women who have stuck with it and are often using their own money to make improvements and keep it running. The program grows orchids for local sale and export, as well as makes compost.

As a volunteer at this project, you have the opportunity to assist with the daily activities required to keep this program running. If you speak Spanish, you may also find yourself able to assist with marketing initiatives.

Join Kaya Volunteers in Costa Rica this year and help keep this program alive for future generations of women!

Empowering survivors of domestic abuse in Peru

Survivors of domestic abuse need safe places to escape to and prepare for a better life. This center in Cusco provides just this and is largely dependent on the volunteers that come to help. At this center, women who have escaped from terrible abuse patterns can turn to volunteers for emotional support, help with child care, skills learning, education, and attention.

This intercultural exchange is a wonderful way for the women at the center to learn confidence, independence, and gain important skills to move forward in an abuse-free life.

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Volunteering with Children and Women