Volunteer with Special Needs Youth in India

Volunteer with Special Needs Youth in India

Volunteer with Special Needs Youth in India

Trip Details:

Operator:   GVI - Global Vision International
Price From: 2,145 USD
Ideal Age Range:  19 to 30, 31 to 50, Over 51
Fitness Needs:  Light Impact
Program duration: 2 weeks

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About this program

Live and volunteer with special needs youth in India to support instructional sessions around physical activities, arts, or music with individuals that have physical and mental disabilities.

You will work in a supporting role at a special needs school, and you can get involved in leading sessions of games or sports, arts and other basic activities alongside specialist teachers. There will also be opportunities to assist specialist teachers in early intervention units, and/or the vocational unit of the school.

As well as being a lot of fun, exercise can help focus the children’s minds for learning. The sessions you will co-manage offer added exposure to the English language, in a fun learning environment, so you will be helping both the physical and educational development of children.


No previous training is required. However, if you have prior experience, or are a student in the health sector, or have worked with disabled people, this is beneficial to your application. Highlights include immersing yourself a different culture and way of life; making a genuine contribution to an underprivileged community; living and working with volunteers from all over the world; discovering India’s ornate temples, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant cities during your time off. Upon arrival, you will receive an orientation that will provide you with information on cultural awareness and training about the health partners and what you will be doing. Having completed the training, you will begin volunteering on the project! Your days will be spent leading physical exercises and learning activities with people with physical and mental disabilities at a special needs school. You will also be involved in conducting one-on-one lessons with some children or spending time with special needs children in vocational training units. Although your days can seem very long they are also extremely rewarding. You will live in dormitory-style accommodation in a clean and comfortable house with running water, electricity and flushing toilets. Your meals are also provided for you. If you would prefer to stay in private accommodation while on this project, this location does offer upgrades. Contact us for more information, or mention to your Country Expert who will be able to assist you. Resources and facilities for people with disabilities are limited in India, so the help you will provide local communities is highly-valued. Through exercise sessions and learning activities, including art and play therapy, you will be making a significant difference to both the physical and educational development of children with special needs.

Country Fast Facts


Flag  255px-Flag_of_India.svg
Continent: Asia
Official Language(s) Hindi, English
Capital: New Delhi
Population 1,276,267,000 (2015 estimate)
Climate(s) Monsoon, Tropical Savanna, Desert (Warm/Cold), Semi-Arid (Warm/Cold), Mediterranean (Warm/Temperate), Humid subtropical, Oceanic Subpolar, Oceanic (Warm/Temperate), Continental (Mediterranean/Cool/Cold/Warm/Humid/Temperate).
Major Airport(s): Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL), Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM), Kempegowda International Airport (BLR), Chennai International Airport (MAA)
Economic Driver(s): Agriculture, Mining, Textiles, Industry, Energy, Tourism, Trade

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