Volunteer to help the environment

Volunteer to Help the Environment

Volunteer to help the environment

Taking part in restoring habitats by joining environmental volunteering is a wonderful way to help combat climate change. With each program, you are learning ways to protect the world’s most vulnerable species and plants through hard work, dedication, and a passion for the planet.

As an environmental volunteer, you will take part in challenging, often physical work. You should be prepared to get your hands dirty, but for a good cause! Whether you’re working on learning more about a species habitats or directly restoring these important places, you’ll leave a lasting, positive impact in your footsteps. You can inspire your friends and family to protect the environment and the places they visit, so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

There are also a number of benefits to environmental volunteering. This includes:

  • Learning new and useful skills
  • Developing your leadership & teamwork skills
  • Travelling to countries that are in need of your help
  • Enhancing your life through cross-cultural learning and gaining culture sensitivity
  • Gaining practical experience that can help in other areas of your life
  • Meeting people like you who want to make a difference
  • Learning about different species of plants and animals
  • Learning from local people about the plants and animals, as well as the local culture, cuisine, and traditions.
  • Gaining experience that will make your resume, CV, or college application stand out

Experiences you can have with environmental volunteering:

Trekking through the jungle for conservation in Malaysia

This is a unique opportunity to trek through the Sungai Yu Wildlife Corridor. You’ll work with a local team and learn about the impacts of human activity in the forest, all in an effort to stop wildlife poaching. As a volunteer at this program, you will learn to identify tracks from various wildlife and record it which provides important information to aid in the protection of the animals.

You will learn more about the natural environment and the people that inhabit the area through camping and spending time with a local tribe that has been connected to the rainforest for centuries. In addition to this exciting adventure, you will learn survival skills in the jungle, and enjoy cave excursions in limestone caves.

If adventure and conservation appeal to you, join Ecoteer at this jungle conservation program in Malaysia.

Diving to save the ocean in Malaysia

Environmental volunteering also takes place in the sea. As a volunteer at this program in Malaysia, you will assist in the research of seasonal seagrass, and the other on marine conservation. You will take part in reef cleanups, species identification, and you’ll learn about maintaining a coral nursery.

Because this program requires that you be a certified diver, you can either become certified at home, or take the course before starting the conservation portion. If you are not certified when you arrive, the minimum stay is two weeks. An exciting thing about this program aside from making a big difference for the environment is the immersion you will experience in Malay culture.

If you’re ready to dive into marine conservation in Malaysia, join Ecoteer at this wonderful program!

Environmental volunteering to save wildlife in the Andorran Pyrenees

Learning about how climate change and global warming affect plants and animals is a wonderful motivation to make a difference. When you visit this program, you’ll assist through the collection of data of the local flora and fauna. You’ll track daily growth, biodiversity, visit nest boxes, and observe to gain new insights and how they are changing. Study snow-bed vegetation, tree growth, small animals, and so much more, while hiking through the beautiful Andorran Pyrenees!

This is a great program for both teens and adults as they offer different departure dates for the different age groups.

Teens are able to participate in adult trips if they are accompanied by an adult, or they can join one of the specially designed trips for teens. Find out more about this program with Earthwatch Institute.

Eco-Agriculture Volunteering in Costa Rica

As an environmental conservation volunteer program, you can also aid in helping a local family with their coffee production business. Located in the highlands of Costa Rica about 4 hours from San Jose, you’ll participate by doing hands-on work and see the impact of your labour first hand.

By volunteering in an eco-agriculture project, you are supporting a local community and will enjoy harvesting, roasting, packaging, composting, replanting, and clearing the land to plant crops for the next harvest. This is very rewarding work and gives you a chance to make a difference with a local family.

If you want to try your hand at coffee production, check out this program with IVHQ.

Jungle Conservation in Peru

Here is a chance to directly impact the environment by contributing to conservation in the Peruvian Amazon. As a volunteer at this program, you’ll work at a location that is in the greatest need for your help. Not only will you have the wonderful opportunity of getting to immerse yourself in the Amazon, but you’ll also get to contribute to the ongoing success of this program.

Some areas that you will work in include: reforestation, animal inventories, basic research, and trail & home-base maintenance.

If you’re ready to join an environmental volunteer program in the Amazon, join IVHQ in Peru.

Galapagos Conservation

A great way to take part in an environmental volunteer program is through a voluntour. A voluntour allows you to participate in important work but also gives you some time to explore the destination you are visiting.

This Galapagos conservation voluntour helps to preserve native plant species on the island of San Cristobal. You will do a number of activities that directly benefit the conservation program, including removal of invasive species, planting endemic plants, improve trail systems, care for plants in a nursery, cut plants for food at the tortoise breeding centers, and more! You will also have the chance to explore Quito with some free time before embarking on your conservation program.

Consider joining Bamba Experience at this unique voluntour in the Galapagos and make a difference while enjoying an exciting travel experience.

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Volunteer to Help the Environment