Teach English in Moldova

Teach English in Moldova

Teach English in Moldova

Trip Details:

Operator:   Love Volunteers
Price From: 379 USD
Ideal Age Range:  19 to 30, 31 to 50, Over 51
Fitness Needs:  Light Impact
Program duration: 1 week

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About this program

This fantastic project was created with the goal of helping to improve the English-speaking abilities of the people of Moldova. As is common in many of the world’s poorer communities, an ability to speak English unlocks a new world of possibilities – in education and in job opportunities, as well as opening themselves up to learning more about the world. Volunteers on this highly inclusive program have the opportunity to get first-hand experience in teaching English classes in a Community Language Centre, located in the picturesque town of Causeni, roughly eighty kilometers from Moldova’s bustling capital city of Chisinau. At the Language Center, which has been established by Love Volunteer’s local partner, volunteers will meet more than one hundred and fifty motivated students of different ages, from seven right through to fifty-five! Volunteers will have the ability to change lives for the better in Moldova, giving participants additional options in life.


Travel and Teach English to kids of all ages in Moldova. Volunteers are sought for placements teaching English in elementary and secondary schools and in an English language centre. The location is the town of Causeni, 80km from Chisinau, the capital. Most of the schools were constructed in the Soviet era and are functional, but basic. Facilities are limited, often amounting to just a chalkboard, although increasingly schools have computers and video playing facilities. Most secondary pupils will have commenced learning English at about ten years old. The role of the volunteer is mainly to teach conversational English. Volunteers receive some help from the local teachers regarding lesson preparation and content. Moldovan students have rarely had the opportunity to travel and are avid to learn about life in the volunteer’s home country, making the newcomer a popular addition to the teaching team. There are typically twenty to thirty students in a class. Volunteers usually have some say in what age group they teach, but should maintain a flexible outlook. While volunteers mainly deliver language lessons, opportunities can arise to help in other classes such as sports and music.

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