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Skills Based Volunteering Programs Abroad

While many volunteer programs abroad do not require specific skills allowing for all ages and backgrounds, there are select programs that are the opposite. Skilled volunteering is a sector of volunteering programs that require qualified individuals to participate.

These programs are looking for people with professional experience in computers & technology, medical, business, leadership, language, and other skills and talents. They are exclusive to people who are looking to make a difference in their fields and to add to their own personal professional experience. Skilled volunteering leaves a long-lasting impact on the countries, programs, and organizations that run these programs.

To participate in a skilled volunteer role, you should be an expert in your field. For example, Medical volunteers can include doctors, nurses, dentists, medical students, etc. You should be able to offer practical knowledge and to be able to take charge when required.

Experiences you can have in a skilled volunteer role:

Medical Volunteering in Malawi

Health care in rural communities is in need of improvement, and medical professionals are required to lend a hand in making this happen. As a volunteer in Malawi, you’ll work alongside nurses and doctors to provide locals in the community with quality health care. The reality in Malawi is that more than half of the population lives in poverty and medical care is both expensive and difficult to access. Infant mortality rates and malnutrition are major concerns, and volunteers are needed to address them.

Through this program, you’ll assist in home-based care, HIV/AIDS awareness, malaria prevention, wound care, and nurseries for at-risk kids & orphans. If you wish to participate in hospital care, you must be either a medical student or medical professional. Other parts of this program do not necessarily need experience, but experience is definitely an asset.

Join SAVE Volunteering and help make a difference in health care for the vulnerable individuals in Malawi.

Counselling and Women’s Empowerment in Peru

This women’s empowerment program in Peru works with women of the Cusco area who have suffered at the hands of domestic violence. The centre gives them a place to escape from the abuse and work towards creating a better life for them and their children. The approach is layered as they receive emotional support and opportunities to heal, as well as skills development and confidence building. As a volunteer at this program, you will spend your time caring for the women, their children, offer them companionship, education, skills learning, and overall attention.

This is a very sensitive program as you are working with women who are recovering from trauma and trying to take control of their lives. Because the program is understaffed and underfunded, they depend on volunteers to help. It is not mandatory to have a background in social work, women’s studies, or counseling, as there are many areas you can help.

However, if you do have the experience, it will be a great benefit to the program. All volunteers for this program should be able to communicate well in Spanish in order to communicate with the women.

Join Love Volunteers at this life-changing empowerment program in Cusco.

Microfinance for Economic empowerment in Ghana

As someone with a passion for numbers, accounting, bookkeeping, banking or lending, a program like this is perfect! If you’re looking to make a positive impact on a local community in Ghana, you will be a great fit for a program like this. You’ll work directly with people in the community and gain hands-on experience and a better understanding of how microfinance works in these communities. You’ll work with the local team to get their bookkeeping and accounting in order, which is a struggle as the program gets bigger.

A microfinance program works in two ways: through micro-leasing and micro-finance cash loans. With micro leasing, a rental fee is paid for equipment needed to run a business (ie. a sewing machine). Micro-finance cash loans are given by individuals rather than banks. This program has already helped 120 Ghanian people start-up business ventures and gain financial independence and stability.

Join Kaya Volunteer at this wonderful finance volunteer program and gain invaluable experience.

Various skills development in South Africa

If you have a skill you are eager to share, this program offers a more general approach that encourages people to contribute in unique ways. Here, you have the chance to take your skills and apply them to individuals in South Africa. You will be directly impacting a community that has a low education rate and many unemployed adults.

There are many ways you can make a difference. A few ideas include:

  • Creating and implementing a skills program for adults and kids in the community
  • Running workshops with both groups and individuals
  • Creating and providing material and curriculum for workshops
  • Developing your own workshops based on your skills
  • Mentoring in the development of business plans
  • Assisting with financial management and accounting

Join SAVE Volunteering and share your knowledge with a community that needs your help. This is detrimental to developing and building confidence for the individuals that need it most.

Medical Internships in Cameroon

If you are a pre-med student, medical student, or a medical professional, you have the incredible chance to make a difference at a program in Cameroon. This is a great opportunity to increase your knowledge, develop your own skills, and share your knowledge with a community that needs it most.

By volunteering at a placement in Cameroon, you’ll participate in clinics and help in hospitals where your role will be tailor-made to your level of experience and interest. The standard of medical service and resources is much lower than the western world, so volunteers should be prepared to think outside the box. You will meet patients who are facing advanced stages of illnesses which can be challenging but offers invaluable opportunities to learn. You’ll observe and directly assist doctors and nurses, or provide services in nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy, traditional medicine, and dentistry.

If you’re ready to make a difference and share your medical knowledge, join Love Volunteers in Cameroon.

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Skills Based Volunteering