Medical Volunteer Project in Malawi

Medical Volunteer Project in Malawi

Medical Volunteer Project in Malawi

Trip Details:

Operator:   SAVE Volunteering
Price From: 865 EUR
Fitness Needs:  Moderately Fit
Program duration: 4 weeks

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About this program

Join this fulfilling Medical Program in Malawi where you will assist in a variety of projects based on your skills and interests. The project is working towards vastly improving the health care provided in rural communities, and is focusing on providing education, awareness, and treatment. As a volunteer on this program, you will assist nurses and doctors to provide quality health care. 

In Malawi, half of the population lives below poverty lines and access to medical facilities is difficult and very expensive. There is a high level of infant mortality, malnutrition, and food uncertainty, and volunteers are needed to help address these concerns. By participating in Home-Based Care, Wound Care, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Community Hospital Care, Malaria Prevention and Awareness, and Nurseries for Orphans and At-Risk Children, you will be able to contribute your skills and really make a difference. 

Although experience is not mandatory, only medical professionals and medical students may participate in hospital care. A few highlights you can look forward to include:

  • Being part of a friendly local community
  • Help with the provision of primary medical care
  • Provide healthcare education to communities and disadvantaged youth
  • Provide local training to volunteers to help continue the home-based care program


Depending on your experience level, interests and the needs of the program at the time of your visit, the itinerary will vary. A few of the experiences you can look forward to include:

Home-Based Care:

Using a government curriculum and local, experienced translators, you will assist with planning and running training sessions with local volunteers. Topics you'll cover include HIV/AIDS and malaria prevention, drug administration, hygiene, basic first aid, bed bathing, infection prevention and nutrition, among many others! You'll conduct home visits as a crucial part of training local volunteers. 


Wound Care:

As a volunteer with wound care, you'll be responsible for the cleaning and dressing of wounds, bandaging and referral of patients for serious injuries. This work is extremely important, as wounds often go untreated in these areas, leading to serious infections. 


HIV/AIDS Awareness:

In this part of the program, you will help to increase the awareness and education of HIV/AIDS in the local communities. You'll also help to provide support and counseling to those already living with HIV/AIDS and those impacted by it. As a volunteer, you should be prepared to provide nutritional advice and information. Additionally, you'll help encourage and assist with workshops and presentations to the communities in surrounding villages. 


Rural Community Hospital: 

If you have experience in the medical field, are a medical professional or a medical student, you may assist at the community hospital. The centre has various departments inlcuding a women's ward, men's ward, maternity ward, laboratory, and dental centre. You may be required to carry out tests, such as malaria, syphilis, pregnancy, and hemoglobin. If you don't have much experience, you may also shadow nurses and doctors and take on more administrative duties. 


Malaria Prevention & Awareness:

Here you will help with malaria prevention, education, and awareness to help lessen the incidence rate of Malaria. You'll collect data, hand out nets and mosquito sprays to local homes and more. This program depends on funding, so is not an ongoing program. 

Nursery for Orphans and At-Risk Kids:

The nursery portion of the project is a morning program and is great if you do not have much medical experience or are interested in childcare. You can assist with pre-school education and preparation for their education ahead. 

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