Madagascar Wildlife Conservation Adventure

Madagascar Wildlife Conservation Adventure

Madagascar Wildlife Conservation Adventure

Trip Details:

Operator:   Frontier
Price From: 345 CAD
Ideal Age Range:  19 to 30, 31 to 50, Over 51
Fitness Needs:  Light Impact
Program duration: 1 week

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About this program

Volunteer in Madagascar, an exciting island filled to the brim with unique wildlife, stunning landscapes, and a variety of ecosystems. You’ve never seen wildlife like this, as the native mammal species are found nowhere else!

As you explore this large island, you’ll learn about various species of wildlife, including Lemurs with 103 recognized species. 94 species of lemurs are classified as a threatened species, due largely to the loss of over 90% of its forest cover. 

Over the course of your volunteer program, you’ll study one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. You’ll enjoy interactions with the local community and participate in education days centred around the environment. This empowers the community to appreciate and take control of conserving their local resources. Some of the other activities you can look forward to include: 

  • Assessment of biodiversity
  • Compiling species lists
  • Setting up trap sites
  • Leaf-litter surveys
  • Mapping of vegetation
  • Assessment of human disturbance
  • Recording how local communities use natural resources

In addition to participating in activities, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore, enjoy some much-needed R&R, snorkel in the crystal-clear ocean, and so much more! 


Sample Itinerary

While on this volunteer program, you will assist with a variety of duties. The schedule may vary depending on the needs of the program, so it is important to remain flexible to a changing schedule. Here is a sample of your daily itinerary: 

6:00 am - Breakfast: bread, sandwiches, or cebada.

6:30 am - Bird Survey

8:30 am -  Active search for reptiles, amphibians, or lemur survey

11:00 am - Butterfly Survey

12:30 pm - Lunch: Rice & Beans

1:30 pm - Active search for reptiles, amphibians, or lemur survey

4:00 pm - Revision or presentations

6:00 pm - Dinner: Rice & Beans or option to eat in the village

7:00 pm - Night Walk - active search for amphibians/reptiles. 

Country Fast Facts


Flag  Flag_of_Madagascar.svg
Continent: Africa
Official Language(s) Malagasy, French
Capital: Antananarivo
Population 22, 434,363 (2014 estimate)
Climate(s) Equatorial, Monsoon, Tropical, Desert, Semi-Arid, Subtropical Humid, Oceanic (Temperate/Warm)
Major Airport(s): Ivato International Airport (TNR)
Economic Driver(s): Agriculture, Tourism, Textile, Mining

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