Island Conservation in the Seychelles

Island Conservation in the Seychelles

Island Conservation in the Seychelles

Trip Details:

Operator:   GVI - Global Vision International
Price From: $2100
Ideal Age Range:  19 to 30, 31 to 50, Over 51
Fitness Needs:  Moderately Fit
Program duration: 2 weeks

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About this program

Travel to the breathtaking islands and assist the local government with this island conservation in the Seychelles. This expedition takes you to the beautiful Indian Ocean where you’ll assist on priority conservation programs on Curieuse Island.

You’ll work with an abundance of underwater life, explore the beautiful forests and beaches, and even get a chance to see some of the bigger animals in the area such as whale sharks, manta rays, and dolphins.


You will spend the majority of your time on foot working in the forests and on the beaches. The project covers a wide range of conservation efforts, and you rotate between projects so you will experience different field techniques, new initiatives, and varied project sites. On this expedition, you will focus on several key conservation efforts within and around the Curieuse Island National Park, including endemic Coco de Mer surveys, mangrove survey and census research, giant tortoise habitat management and restoration, turtle nesting and in-water behavior research and provide training and education to the local community. Partners on this program include the Seychelles Center for Marine Research and Technology, Marine Conservation Society of the Seychelles and the Marine Parks Authority. Data collected from your efforts will be passed to the Seychelles Ministry of Environment and participating NGOs to be used in creating local conservation policies and shared worldwide with other conservation teams and efforts. At end of each workday, you’ll return to base with your team, where we relax and hang out together. Participants attend camp chores in mini-teams on a rotational basis, which helps keep the living space feeling like home. While on the project you can expect to work 5 1/2 days per week and on the weekends you will have free time to snorkel, dive, explore and/or just enjoy the amazing tranquility of island living.

Country Fast Facts


Flag Flag_of_Seychelles.svg
Continent: Africa
Official Language(s) English, French, Seychelles Creole
Capital: Victoria
Population 92,000 (2012 estimate)
Climate(s) Tropical Rainforest
Major Airport(s): Seychelles International Airport (SEZ)
Economic Driver(s): Fishing, Tourism, Agriculture, Manufacturing

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