Frontier started in 1989 as a non-profit conservation & development NGO. As an organization, they are dedicated to the protection of ecosystems, biodiversity, building livelihoods in the communities they operate. With such dedication since their beginnings, they’ve expanded their offerings to include innovative volunteer programs, opportunities to fully immerse in different cultures, and invaluable partnerships with organizations like WWF. 

Through their programs, Frontier has conducted groundbreaking surveys in marine environments, distant savannahs, and remote forests. The data and studies have led to the development of the Mafia Island Marine Park with World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The marine park is still regarded as the “world’s most successful multi-user marine park” and it still operates under the original principles it was created upon. 

What started as a scientific & conservation research organization, quickly bloomed to include thoughtful community development programs, ecosystem protection volunteer programs, economic growth programs, and capacity building.

Volunteers that join Frontier are putting their hard-earned dollars towards long-term partnerships with local NGOs, community organizations, government agencies, research & conservation institutes. The needs and interests of the volunteers and partners always come first, and the reputation of Frontier is their biggest asset. 

By volunteering with Frontier, you can be sure that you’re contributing to an organization that places integrity and honesty at the heart of the business. 


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