Following in the footsteps of a celebrity!

Vancouver, BC | Posted: January 12th, 2013

Celebrities are often admired for their glamorous lifestyles of champagne breakfasts, private jets, and sprawling mansions. But the truth is, that behind the scenes many celebrities use their stardom to support causes close to their heart. From global poverty to fighting HIV and AIDS, this year’s Oscar nominees go beyond the red carpet to make a positive difference.

These causes are not just reserved for the rich and famous. There may not be the glitz and glamor, but for those looking to make a difference, the rewards are just as great.

Here are some suggestions inspired by this year’s nominees:


Hugh Jackman: Making it Les Miserables for those in Poverty

Hugh Jackman lends his voice to The Global Poverty Project, a grass roots movement aiming to eradicate poverty worldwide. In India, while much of the news is focused on stunning growth rates in its tech sector, mass poverty is still prevalent in its rural regions. GlobeAwareise helping provide much needed services that would otherwise not be available due to lack of resources. One priority is working with slum dwelling and other disadvantaged children. Volunteers provide support for teachers, work with rescued child laborers, and assist at day care centers catering to children below the poverty line. For more information:

Anne Hathaway: Adding Drama to the Big Screen

Dubbed as one of “the world’s 50 most beautiful people”, Anne Hathaway is not just a pretty face. She spent time working with The Lollipop Theatre Network, a non-profit which brings the magic of movies to children confined to hospital due to chronic or life-threatening illness. If you would like to bring the impact of theatre to others then consider a trip to the Maldives. With a lack of clubs and societies in this tiny county, there are growing social problems amongst the nation’s youth which include substance abuse, gang behavior, and violence. In order to develop the established and untapped talent, they need volunteers to come and teach a variety of activities including arts and theatre. For more information:

Naomi Watts: It’s Not The Impossible

Naomi Watts is a supporter of The Apparel Lesotho Alliance to Fight AIDS, which provides prevention and treatment services to those infected with HIV in Africa. To help a similar cause consider travelling to Uganda with A Broader View where volunteers with medical experience are needed to work in a community health clinic. Most clinics are busy and understaffed, with limited medical supplies and equipment. For more information:

Joaquin Phoenix: The Master of the Exotic

Joaquin Phoenix stands up for exotic animals like snakes, alligators and lizards through PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). If you want to take a stand for animals then consider travelling to Vietnam where volunteers help care for animals rescued from illegal traders. Working alongside the staff and vets of the Wildlife Rescue Station, volunteers slice fruit for the tortoises, feed the gibbons, prepare the playground for the sun bears, plant trees, paint facilities, and help arrange the exhibit items for display at the Awareness Centre. For more information:


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