Current Operators

Current Operators

We promote tour operators and non-profit organizations with strong records of cultural conservation and reverance.

All of our operators are reviewed against four criteria:

  • Support for locally-owned business and/or operations with locals (especially women) in positions of authority
  • Strong Educational Programs
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Patronage of Local Businesses

About Holidays for Humanity

Founded in 2009, and based out of Vancouver, Canada, Holidays for Humanity is the leading network for purposeful tour operators to list, and travellers to discover, countless experiences that enrich our planet and recharge our soul.

Whether you operate a wildlife conservation effort, want to join a cycling adventure, a photographic journey, or you host a wellness retreat, Holidays for Humanity connects people to a big world or purpose. We are a centralized place for people looking to share their story with the world, and for others to find their own. We invite you to find your place, and to make your ding in the universe just a little bit bigger.

Tour Operators