Climate Activist Program

Climate Activist Program

Climate Activist Program

Trip Details:

Operator:   Richmond Vale
Price From: 1,100 USD
Ideal Age Range:  19 to 30, 31 to 50, Over 51
Fitness Needs:  Moderately Fit
Program duration: 1 month

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About this program

Travel to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and participate in a 1-month Climate Change Activist program. Test your own knowledge of climate change and learn a wealth of new skills in the process.

Students at Richmond Vale can look forward to a variety of classes, field trips and stimulating evening activities. During the 4-week program, you will participate in studies and classes including Sustainable Agriculture, Ocean Studies, Pollution, Global Warming, Climate Change, and Biodiversity. Working alongside like-minded travelers, you will learn what can be done to adapt to the extreme challenges of Climate Change.

Not only will the class time be thrilling as you learn about UN Climate Literacy, Tree Planting Movements, Climate Studies and Solar Energy, you’ll also have a chance to learn about herbs and other vegetables, how to make compost and develop the Richmond Vale Academy forest garden.

This program works towards creating a generation of informed, educated, active climate change activists, and you can be part of it!


Week 1: Introduction and Garden Action

Enjoy a Grand Tour of the vegetable and forest garden, hiking and diving center, solar panels and passion fields. Enjoy classes about various tree planting movements and a UN Climate Literacy Studies class. Evenings include Documentary nights, Meetings and Cultural Evening Program.

Week 2: Climate Literacy Studies

The second week offers a variety of exciting classes, field trips and evening programs. In the mornings, Students will participate in common actions including gardening, maintenance and cleaning. Additionally, classes regarding solar energy, UN Climate Literacy Studies, Carbon Farming, Biogas Climate Studies and more. In the afternoon, examples of climate change in the area will be presented to students in Richmond Beach, Chateaubelair and Spring Village. Students will also continue with UN Climate Literacy studies, working in the Forest garden, and the St. Vincent Climate Compliance Course. Evenings are exciting with creative art nights, documentary nights, blog cafes and more.

Week 3: Herb, Biodiversity & Food Security

The third week boasts studies in Herb & Biodiversity as well as fun activities in the evenings. Morning classes in Herbs and Biodiversity this week are very intriguing. Students will learn about herbs for healing, work on the Herb & Biodiversity project in Rose Hall, and work with Food production. In the afternoon, enjoy working on the Herb & Biodiversity project in Rose Hall, work in the Forest Garden and enjoy a hike of the Palm Trail. This week in the evenings, students will enjoy meetings, documentary nights, game nights, and cultural evening programs.

Week 4: Herbs, Biodiversity & Banana Circle

The final week of this wonderful program includes interesting studies, field trips and garden work. This week's morning classes include: Eco Tourism, Deforestation, and Storytelling to Fitz Hughes Pre-School Students. Richmond Vale students will also present the Banana Circle and Vegetable gardens to the kids. In the afternoons, students will work on the Herb & Biodiversity project, in the Forest Garden, and walk the Sugar Mill Trail. The evenings will include blog cafes, documentary nights, meetings, game nights cultural programs and more!

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