Working With Children in Senegal

The orphanages, where volunteers are placed in Senegal, house children aged 0-12 years. Some have been orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS, while others have been taken off the streets or were abandoned at birth. By supporting the overstretched orphanage staff, volunteers in Senegal provide much needed assistance.

Among the orphans are many who suffer disabilities; many will have endured suffering from an early age. The volunteer’s contribution can help bring a brighter future for these children. Volunteer opportunities in Senegal include teaching school-age children, counseling, helping to cook, feeding the children, cleaning, and devising and organising fun activities and recreation.

Volunteers in Senegal are instrumental is ensuring that the orphans in their care are well looked after, that they adhere to a routine and carry out their homework.

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What to Expect?

Volunteers electing to go to Senegal have the advantage of staying with local Senegalese host families for the duration of their stay. Accommodation of this sort provides a unique opportunity to experience first hand what life is like for the ordinary people of the country, while gaining an insight into customs and values. Another benefit is having members of the host family on hand to offer help and to introduce you to the local area.

Your host family will provide you with breakfast and dinner (and with three meals if you are at your accommodation during weekends). On working day, lunch can be taken at small inexpensive cafes or restaurants close to your volunteer project serving local food.

The cuisine typical of Senegal resembles that of other French-speaking North African countries, the staple starches being couscous and rice. Thiou a la Wande is a bouillabaisse eaten in the Dakar area. Thiéboudienne is the national dish and is made from marinated fish which is cooked along with selected vegetables in a tomato paste. Around the Casamance area, you may find yassa, a chicken dish which is cooked with lemon and onions. Predominantly a Muslim country, Senegal cuisine does not include pork. Desserts tend to be very sweet and may feature bananas, raisins, almonds and peanuts.

Mint tea, popular throughout North Africa as a digestif is a great favourite in Senegal, as is Toufam, a sweet yogurt drink. Alcohol is available in Senegal, including palm wine.

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    Dakar (DKR)
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    Teach Overseas
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