Work in the Masai Mara with Wildlife and Conservation

Work directly with members from the Masai Mara community to develop and implement solutions to reduce conflict between the people living on the land and the wildlife in the area. As a volunteer you will be working to preserve the culture, the land and the vast array of species living together within the region.

As land for both the people and the wildlife becomes constricted by urbanisation it becomes more and more important to find a strategy for coexistence. Part of this project is involved with setting up a conservation area which gives the Masai a reason to help in preservation efforts by bringing much needed tourism investment directly to their community.

As a part of this, there is a great need for the consistent and accurate collection of data on the conservation area, including regular censuses of the wild animal population. Under the guidance of the experienced conservation team, you will assist in the regular collection of this data. The core aims of the project is to monitor the lion population and movements of the prides within the conservation area, monitor the interaction between the lions and villages and educate and create awareness within the community on the importance and value of lions.

The surrounding area is also one of the most important refuges for the Mara elephants. Another central feature of the project is to build a community of people sharing their knowledge about the elephants of the Masai Mara ecosystem and working together to monitor and protect them.

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What to Expect?

As a volunteer, you will be trained in consistent and accurate collection of data in the Naibosho Conservation area, including regular censuses of the wild animal population here. Volunteers will also assist with data collection during the Great Migration which occurs throughout the months of July-October. Volunteers will be part of a team monitoring the lion population and movements of the prides within the area, the interactions between the lions and villages and helping map game drive routes.

You will also get involved with researching and monitoring elephant populations in the area. Your responsibilities will include: taking ID photos of elephants, getting to know them individually, and collecting observations on the location, size, and composition of elephant groups on Naboisho and surrounding areas. Through your work you will help to build up knowledge of the Mara elephants and contribute to their conservation. Another major area volunteers will work in is the Green Village project. The aim of this project is to educate the community on the importance of conservation and eco-friendliness. It is important that the community supports the Green Village project in order for it to be a success and have a long-term impact on the community and environment.

This may include teaching and awareness raising on conservation issues in the schools and community, village clean-ups, building projects, waste disposal and water usage. Finally, volunteers will help support work at a Guiding School. Only a handful of the local people benefit from the highly profitable tourism business due to a lack of the required skills. The Guiding School project is an initiative to place guiding in the Masai Mara in the hands of the local people and volunteers aid with this education.

  • Program ID: # 2040
  • duration:
    2 Weeks to 1 Month
    1 to 3 Months
  • location:
    Masai Mara
    1° 35' 14.3556" S, 35° 14' 38.9076" E
  • Fitness level:
    Light Impact
    Moderately Fit
  • Closest Airport:
    Nairobi, Kenya (NBO)
  • Costs From:
    $1500 to $3000
    Over $3000
  • Program Type:
    Community Development Projects
    Environmental & Wildlife Programs
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