Work to Conserve Swaziland’s Diverse Ecosystem: Volunteer + Adventure

Make a difference in one of the world’s most unique countries and have an African Adventure you will never forget!

International Student Volunteers (a non-profit organization) offers you the chance to volunteer in a conservation project with field research activities focused on threatened birds, bats and reptiles. After volunteering in a savanna, you will then reward yourself by participating in an incredible two week adventure tour, where you’ll go snorkeling, canyon cruising, horseback riding and experience the culture and wildlife of Africa first-hand.

South Africa has one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world, but many of its unique animals are on the verge of extinction due to hunting, culling, urban expansion and poor land practice. The savannas are undergoing extensive changes as a result of human influence through land management and climate change. Well known for large charismatic game such as elephants, rhinos and lions, there are a variety of smaller species that are threatened and equally important to the proper functioning of the savanna ecosystem.

Birds of prey are at the top of the food chain and suffer the cumulative effects of savannas becoming degraded, yet they can roam huge distances (beyond park boundaries) and therefore are exposed to a variety of threats. Bats and reptiles are very poorly understood in southern Africa yet they play a key role in the ecosystem. Although this project involves being based in areas containing big game, your field research activities will be focused on threatened birds, bats, and reptiles. By better understanding these species, we can effectively manage and conserve them, which is the ultimate goal of this project.

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What to Expect?

Volunteer Project:

By participating in the Swaziland Conservation Project, in addition to visiting some of the region’s most exciting wildlife areas, you will help conduct and fund wildlife research and monitoring with other volunteers. You will engage in walking and driving through game reserves to locate and monitor nests and roosts of threatened birds (vultures, storks) and bats breeding in north eastern Swaziland. You may help erect nets and harp traps to capture bats and birds, and record habitat and environmental variables associated with the collection of the above information. You may gain hands-on experience of handling wildlife and using tracking equipment. The project is based on two game reserves, so you are sure to have regular big game sightings and enjoy game drives into areas with many big African animals, while contributing to an important long-term project.

Adventure Tour:
On the Adventure Tour, you will explore the natural and cultural wonders in South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique. ISV’s tour is like no other, and includes a host of activities that will leave you breathless. Swim with whale sharks and manta rays in the warm waters of Mozambique before exploring its culturally rich capital, Maputo. Experience the thrill of horseback riding or mountain biking through game reserves as you observe wild animals right next to you. Visit an elephant and monkey sanctuary and feel the rhythm of Africa with native drumming and dance lessons.

There is also an additional excursion available to extend your adventure to Botswana and Zambia.


About our organization:

International Student Volunteers is committed to impacting our world by providing life-changing volunteer experiences abroad. ISV has been operating student programs since 1983, but has focused on Volunteer and Adventure Travel since 2002. Since then, more than 20,000 participants have contributed to ISV’s global volunteer efforts, making a significant impact across six continents. ISV programs offer unparalleled opportunities to get involved in the front lines of sustainable community development and conservation initiatives internationally, in addition to exploration, adventure and cultural exchange, while traveling through one or more countries. This program is open to everyone, not just students. We are not a sending agent –we run our own programs with our own trained staff to ensure you have the most amazing experience possible. ISV sets the industry standards for best practices, safety, opportunities to learn, and of course fun!

International Student Volunteers, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation in the U.S. organized under the Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable and educational purposes.

  • Program ID: # 1775
  • duration:
    2 Weeks to 1 Month
  • location:
    26° 27' 56.3616" S, 31° 9' 55.6776" E
  • Fitness level:
    Light Impact
    Moderately Fit
  • Closest Airport:
  • Costs From:
    $1500 to $3000
    Over $3000
  • Program Type:
    Environmental & Wildlife Programs
    Learn Abroad
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