Why Teach?

The old saying of ‘give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish, and he will eat for the rest of his life’ still stands the test of time today. The essence of teaching has always been empowerment through learning, and the benefits resound as much for the teacher, as for they do the learner.        


Chances are good that if you are using GoVoluntouring as a tool to research, and find teaching positions abroad, you have been exposed to very strong and diverse Western school systems. These systems drive problem solving, structure, skills development, and social integration. Tragically, much of the developing world lacks exposure to these same systems, particularly young girls and women.         


The programs on this site provide potential teachers with opportunities to empower, to nation build, and to chart new courses. Many programs have TEFL certification requirements, and represent a cross-section of communities with varied needs and opportunities. Some are paid positions, while others are voluntary, and may require both financial and ‘sweat’ investments. But both provide rewarding new chapters, and chances to change lives - yours included.      

A quick snapshot listing the benefits of teaching abroad:

- Improve your CV/Resume

- Improve your social/communication skills

- Improve your problem solving skills through critical thought

- Develop new friendships

- Foster deeper cultural awareness and insight

- Learn the language in your host country

- In some cases you can generate income


In short, teaching abroad offers a wealth of growth opportunities. From improving your career prospects, learning new languages, to fulfilling personal challenges, these programs offer you a chance to grow well beyond your own personal borders.      


To access available teaching positions, use the website’s search filter tools, and begin your journey today!