Why Learn?

There is a Czech proverb that closely translates to ‘You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live but only once’.    


Learning new skills, particularly with respect to languages is a guaranteed way towards improving your cultural and personal awareness. You will foster a better sense of self, and regardless of that learned skill, you will earn greater confidence. Learning is about overcoming challenges, and taking the ‘unknown’, and making it ‘known’, something referred to as mastery.    


There are many opportunities to learn while traveling abroad, and not all of them are language based, nor in a classroom, but every one of them offers cultural or social integration. You can learn with your hands, your eyes, your taste buds and your heart. You will enjoy new skills, some as practical as international cooking, or others as specialised as archaeological digs. You can learn how to be an authentic cowboy, or how to weave straw baskets. The choices are endless, and the opportunities invaluable.    

Quick Snapshot to the Benefits of Learning Abroad:

- Improve your CV/Resume

- Complete required coursework/credits

- Improve your social/communication skills

- Become better at problem solving

- Develop new friendships

- Foster deeper cultural awareness and insight

- Travel into more remote regions

- Get in touch with your ancestry


When you have finished your learning abroad experience, you will feel closer to your host community, and will have deeper memories as a result. Learning should never be exclusive to the the young, and the young should never take learning for granted.  


Take a chance to travel and learn this year, and take a chance to master yourself in the process.