Travel Agents

If you are a travel agent, and interested in learning about the steps needed to access a vetted, live inventory of voluntourism programmes for your clients, we encourage you to register your interest with GOGO Worldwide Vacations. GOGO is GoVoluntouring's preferred wholesaler and has access to specialist team that can help you, and your clients, make the best possible decisions.

GOGO'S Story

GOGO Worldwide Vacations is a full service wholesaler, world-renowned for efficiently and cost-effectively providing services dedicated solely to the leisure travel market. Launched in 1996 as Infinity Holidays, GOGO Worldwide Vacations has established offices throughout Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and South Africa. The company's worldwide presence and global negotiation power means GOGO Worldwide Vacations is able to directly negotiate the largest volume discounts with suppliers, providing the leverage needed to offer our clients the best prices for travel packages in the industry.

GOGO'S Vision

We are passionate, experienced travel partners offering a diverse range of product to fulfil all of our customer’s needs. Priding ourselves on our expertise and customer service, we will leave you with a memorable experience and aim to be the supplier of choice for all of our customers.

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