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What has your education done for you?

With a snicker some of you may say "nothing". Yet many of us, and for our entire lives, have taken for granted that education was, in most instances, government mandated. It guaranteed that you were able to read, write, and do arithmetic. Necessary skills for the development of a family, village, region, or country.  Now take a moment to think what your life would be like today, if you could not adequately perform the "Three R's".


Approximately 18% of the world's population can not read or write. 25% of us do not receive at least a primary school education, 35% do not receive a secondary school education, and only 1% attend university. That's right folks, in many parts of the globe children and individuals need your help with the same basic skills that were part of our publicly mandated Western education.


Consider some of these projects for your next time abroad, they range from teaching primary/secondary school aged children basic fundamentals, to educating adults in English as second language. If knowledge is truly power, then you could be helping empower an entire generation.     


Maybe that education is worth something after all!    



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Wes Tyre, Director