Saving Sea Turtles in beautiful Nicaragua

This unique conservation program is one of the best opportunities to participate in a small-scale based community-led project. We strongly believe that communities are fundamental to the long-term conservation of sea turtles. By working closely with local community members who depend economically on the conservation of turtles, we harness their knowledge and maximize conservation efforts.

This conservation program is initiated with the aim to extend the unique opportunity of volunteers participating in the protection of hawksbill turtles. The projects objective is to examine the population dynamics of the hawksbill turtle on the most important hawksbill nesting beaches of the eastern Pacific Coast.

Travel to help us conserve one of the most endangered sea turtle populations on the planet. There truly is not a more rewarding sea turtle conservation program opportunity than this one.

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What to Expect?

Conservations travellers are asked to help for approximately 8 hours work a day/night, working Monday through Friday, in most cases.

The main tasks are:

  • Beach patrols to encounter measure and tag nesting hawksbill turtles.
  • Egg collection for relocation to project hatcheries.
  • Monitoring of project hatcheries: nest burial, temperature measurements, hatchling release and post-hatching nest excavations.
  • Early morning boat patrols of the estuary to document hawksbill nesting that might have been missed during the previous night’s patrol.
  • Community Interaction (optional): English lessons, environmental education, Art programs, local tours, etc.
  • Turtle hatchery and patrol structure maintenance.

Other contributions may include: increasing local awareness, demonstrating the importance and benefits of protecting hawksbills and doing marine research in general. Aside from working directly with the turtles, travelers also have the opportunity to get involved in other local ecological and social projects, providing unique cultural and educational experiences for both travelers and locals alike.

Costs are less than $300 USD/week, and include pre-departure orientation, welcome meeting and arrival orientation at the project office
. In addition, there are three full meals a day
, housing (in a safe and comfortable volunteer lodge)
, in-country orientation/training (turtle biology and conservation) by experienced staff members
. There is an in-country team offering 24 hour emergency support
. Optional travel packages are available at a modest fee. 

  • Program ID: # 2190
  • duration:
    1 to 2 Weeks
    2 Weeks to 1 Month
    1 to 3 Months
  • location:
    Padre Ramos Padre Ramos
    12° 45' 48.9204" N, 87° 28' 28.2648" W
  • Fitness level:
    Moderately Fit
  • Closest Airport:
    Sandino International Airport (MGA)
  • Costs From:
    Less than $500
    $500 to $1000
  • Program Type:
    Community Development Projects
    Environmental & Wildlife Programs
    Learn Abroad
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