Rwanda Literacy Program

Your contribution is invaluable to the children on the program. The work is incredibly rewarding. You can make a difference for these children and help to brighten their future. As a volunteer in Rwanda you can provide love, education and support to school children. You will help to improve their living facilities allowing them to be self sufficient and providing a safe and secure environment in which they flourish. You will also provide inter-cultural exchange and understanding in Rwandan communities.

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What to Expect?

The situation of schools in Rwanda is still unsatisfactory. Many of them lack books, scholastic and teaching materials, and school equipment. In fact, war and genocide caused heavy losses at the level of human and material resources as well as the decrease of the social capital. Estimates show that about 600 schools (almost a third of Rwanda's schools) were destroyed and 3000 teachers killed. What is more worrying is the fact that an important number of children do not attend school due to certain family chores and responsibility.

Volunteers will work alongside local primary teachers to improve the level of English, math, health, hygiene, and science skills amongst students. Volunteers will also be involved in improving teachers' levels of English. Volunteers are not required to have a teaching qualification, but experience in subject areas like English, math, health, hygiene, science, and French would be advantageous. This program requires a one month minimum placement.

  • Program ID: # 2353
  • duration:
    1 to 3 Months
    More than 3 Months
  • location:
    1° 57' 18.6732" S, 30° 4' 10.488" E
  • Fitness level:
    Light Impact
  • Closest Airport:
    Kigali (KGL)
  • Costs From:
    $1000 to $1500
    $1500 to $3000
  • Program Type:
    Teach Overseas
    Women's & Youth Programs
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