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Amazon Environmental Sustainability Project

Greenheart Travel's environmental sustainability project in Peru offers an unforgettable experience to work closely with scientists and local experts studying animals in the Amazon Rainforest. During your volunteer opportunity, you will explore humans' impact on biodiversity, study crucial conservation issues and contribute to data that helps ensure these animal species remain protected in their native environment for future generations.

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Build safe and better schools for children in Peru

Volunteers working hard

Join our volunteers in providing safe, upgraded schools for Peru's working children. Poverty in Peru has its roots in high rates of illiteracy, lack of essential services and inadequate resources and training. Many children leave school early to help support their families. In Lima, volunteer participants work hands-on with our in-country partner, IFEJANT, painting walls, installing windows and doors, and building fences to improve and expand educational centres for working children.

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Galapagos conservation volunteering holiday - Island hop, volunteer, and travel!

Island hop, volunteer, and travel all in one experience! Participants of this program will spend their first week on Santa Cruz Island doing conservation work and visiting local attractions. During their second week, participants will be in San Cristobal Island working in another conservation station.

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Amazon Basin Research and Conservation Project, Peru

The position provides a rare opportunity to work alongside and learn from expert biologists and conservationists in some of the most remote, fascinating and largely unspoiled parts of the Amazon rainforest. The aim of this position is to assist in the project’s long-term scientific research in the Peruvian Amazon; to better measure the effects of human activities on wildlife, including endangered species; to get the collected information to the people who can make decisions and act on the solutions that help conserve rainforest, and to make a clear and positive impact on the Amazon ecosystem in this part of Peru.

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Volunteer in Brazil

Brazil is a country of extraordinary size, covering almost half of South America , granting it an expressive cultural diversity and a huge variety of landscapes and people, creating deep impressions on its visitors. As a volunteer you will experience Brazil from a whole different side and gain a perspective from the community. The goal of all the volunteer programme is to make a positive impact on Brazilian society and on the projects in which they take place and promote intercultural exchange.

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