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Community Development in the Andes

This program located in the Andes aims to improve the quality of life of the 43 indigenous communities represented, by building a fairer, more egalitarian multi-cultural society, reducing poverty, expanding the electoral participation of local inhabitants and strengthening social organisation. Volunteers in Ecuador participate according to their fields of expertise and interests. Activities include: helping with administrative work, apiculture, hydro-technical projects, environmental education, the production and sale of traditional products including handicrafts, as well as working on organic farms and supporting teachers at local community schools.

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Amazon Animal Welfare Program in Ecuador

Based at an animal rescue and rehabilitation centre in the Amazon jungle, volunteers work in partnership with an indigenous Quichuan community. The program's mission is to rescue wild animals from unhealthy and illegal situations, such as animal-trafficking and mistreatment. The groups of animals are mainly primates, birds, and reptiles. Volunteer programs of this type in Ecuador – dedicated to animal welfare – are scarce.

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Working with the Elderly in Quito, Ecuador

We also need volunteers to help at a residential facility which houses both destitute elderly people and elderly residents with mental health and disability problems. The volunteer’s duties include cooking, assisting with feeding residents, reading and accompanying them on walks, doing handcrafts and playing games.

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Volunteering in Ecuador

Choose from a selection of programs in and around Quito, Ecuador. These programs include teaching English, working directly with disadvantaged children, women, and elderly, assisting in hospitals and day centres, as well as volunteering on environmental and animal welfare projects in the Amazon and Galapagos Islands. Immerse yourself in the culture and give back in one of these rewarding programs.

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Horse Therapy Program in Quito, Ecuador

horse therapy

Hippotherapy (horses) and canotherapy (dogs) are recongnized worldwide as an effective method for physical, mental and emotional rehabilitation. The goal-oriented program develops the patient's balance, coordination, orientation and rhythm, while giving them a sense of achievement and an emotional connection with the animal a they are working with. Volunteers help care for the horses, as well as working with patients during therapy sessions.

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