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Saving Queensland's Manatees & Dolphins

Australia Manatee

Moreton Bay is home to Moreton Island, which attracts many tourists with its crystal-clear lakes, pristine lagoons, and abundant marine life. But as Brisbane grows, this vital marine ecosystem faces extreme threats from coastal development, pollution, and increased freight traffic (the city has one of Australia’s fastest growing container ports). Help scientists figure out exactly how industrialization is affecting Moreton Bay by snorkeling, boating, and wading in its clear waters.

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    Moreton Bay
    27° 11' 56.9364" S, 153° 22' 24.726" E

Conservation Volunteers Australia & New Zealand

Become a conservation volunteer in locations across Australia and New Zealand.  Volunteers will have the opportunity to carry out tree planting, trail construction, wildlife surveying, invasive species control and a range of other environmental volunteer projects. Volunteer as part of a team and meet new people from across Australia and the world. You can volunteer in Australia or New Zealand for between 1 week and 12 weeks in duration, and we have places available throughout the year.

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Animal Welfare in Fiji

You'll work closely with a local animal welfare charity, and will be involved in the day-to-day running of a large urban animal welfare centre. Your activities will vary, and will range from cleaning animal cages, caring for stray and abandoned cats and dogs, helping to re-home pets or educating local communities about the importance of animal welfare. Your level of involvement will of course depend on your skills, practical work experience and academic qualifications.

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Conservation Volunteers in Australia and New Zealand

Volunteer in an extraordinary range of locations across Australia and New Zealand and work on a range of conservation projects to protect, preserve and restore their natural environments.  We have 10 locations across Australia and 3 in New Zealand often in places where tourists don't normally get to visit. Volunteers can choose a starting location and will normally travel to a new project every week. Working in teams of up to ten you will get a chance to get involved with: Tree planting Seed Collection Walking Trail Construction Heritage Restoration As a volunteer you will receive the opportunity to learn about the conservation issues faced by Australia and New Zealand as well as learning practical conservation skills.

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Native Forest Volunteer Project, New Zealand

Work in the native forests of New Zealand and help preserve some of the many species within it. Based on the Kauri Forest, this is a unique project which allows volunteers to discover an unexplored forest whilst honing their conservation and wilderness skills. The work focuses on completing a grid network of forest trails which are used for the control and monitoring of pests which harm the native birds.   Volunteers will  get involved with: establishing the grid pattern  clearing and marking trails installing and monitoring bait stations GPS trail mapping.

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