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Marine Scientist Training

Gain valuable experience in the field of Marine Conservation, either as a way into the industry, or as a platform for further studies. Based on our Marine Research Station in the Bahamas, working with the Bahamas National Trust to create a new Marine Park and Bahamas first "Green Nature" Island, you will learn globally accepted Marine conservation techniques.

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  • Program ID: #2455
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    Andros Island Andros
    24° 34' 1.5888" N, 77° 54' 54.1404" W

Support a Women's Co-op in Costa Rica

Volunteer in Costa Rica

As a volunteer with a women’s cooperative in Costa Rica, you will have the chance to not only travel to a beautiful country, but engage in the fight for gender equality and help women in a variety of ways economically, socially and emotionally. Currently, we are collaborating with a women’s cooperative called AMASIA, that is working with greenhouses as an income-generating project in San Isidro, close to Atenas.

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Sea Turtle Conservation in Manzanillo, Mexico

Sea turtle conservation in Mexico

Have you always dreamt of saving an endangered species and had the opportunity to do so? Volunteer at this Sea Turtle Project in Mexico, and make your dream come true by working in a long-standing project that has been conserving sea turtles for over 2 decades. Located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico on the beaches of Colima region, the project began approximately 24 years ago.

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Mexico Marine Conservation Expedition

Cenote diving in Mexico

Learn to scuba dive in the Caribbean while conserving coral reef and resident marine life. You will immerse yourself in an idyllic paradise, with an extraordinary chance to experience a different culture, amazing food and way of life. You will learn about the Meso-American reef and how to identify the species it supports. You will participate in monitoring dives, and explore different sites along the coast. You will be introduced to resident the mega-fauna, including dolphins.

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  • Program ID: #2442
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    Yucatan Peninsula Cancun
    20° 47' 49.9236" N, 86° 58' 43.536" W

Scuba-based conservation trip in Belize

Here is a terrfic all-inclusive Monday - Friday Marine Conservation SCUBA packages on a beautiful coral caye in the Caribbean. World class diving, plentiful home cooked food and fun friendly people await you. You can learn to dive, or further your dive qualifications, while helping monitor the reef, commercial fish species, and removing invasive lionfish from destoring the local marine ecosystem. You will be trained in measuring and sexing the Caribbean Spiny lobster, tagging and collecting data from the Queen Conch, removing invasive lionfish, and conducting reef check surveys.

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