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Gray Whale and Sea Turtle Conservation Adventure

Gray whales in Magdalena Bay

Experience the wonder of the gray whales, on this 5-day expedition in scenic Magdalena Bay on the Pacific coast of the Baja California peninsula where they come to mate and give birth to their calves before returning north towards the Bering Sea. You will also take part in a sea turtle conservation project recognized around the world as a model for community based conservation. From your secluded base camp on a tiny shell island, learn about the importance of the green sea turtle's survival and the role local fishermen play in the species' recovery, before heading out in pangas to capture and release turtles after recording vital data.

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    Bahia Magdalena Bahia Magdalena
    24° 40' 42.1464" N, 112° 0' 59.7672" W

Lifting a Community in Nicaragua

Every once in a while we find a beautiful place that's so completely invested in bettering their local community, that its next impossible to put their efforts into one singular box. Ranging from sea turtle conservation, to veterinarian programs, and from eco-friendly community development projects, to improving fresh water supply, this project in northern Nicaragua just about has it all! From simple acts of helpful kindness, to critical improvements in sustainable development, there are many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of the people of Jiquilillo.

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Jaguar Conservation in Costa Rica

Assist in the protection of endangered Jaguars, whilst living and working in Costa Rica’s rainforest. Since the 1950s the population of Jaguars within the Americas has plummeted from over 400,000 to an estimated 14,000 now. During your stay, you will not only contribute to the preservation of the elusive jaguar, you will also join a team contributing to the development and management of long-term wildlife conservation efforts along Central America’s Caribbean coast.

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Assist Special Needs kids with Horse and Art Therapy in Mexico

Volunteering in Mexico

Travel to the lively resort town of Playa del Carmen, Mexico, situated on the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, and spend time assisting a unique program designed for special needs children.
You will be assisting children and young people with special needs with their different therapies and activities, learning about horse therapy, as well as music and physical therapy. Participating on this project, you will play a key role by helping empower children with special needs.

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Assist with Veterinary Care in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Travel to Mexico, support Vet care efforts, and live in the resort town of Playa del Carmen. You will provide important assistance to local veterinarians in the neutering and spaying of cats and dogs, and raising awareness on pet care practices. This program provides you with an opportunity to provide hands-on assistance in a range of different scenarios – in daily neutering and spaying surgeries, and assisting in the animals’ recovery; supporting animal welfare awareness and humanitarian treatment in hotels and local communities; helping out in different fundraising activities; or increasing awareness on population control in disadvantaged communities.

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