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Support a Local Women Empowerment Initiative in Costa Rica

Work on a women's empowerment initiative in Costa Rica

The Women’s Project for Orchid Production began due to the coffee crisis in Costa Rica that occurred in recent years. Many families in the Costa Rican countryside depend exclusively on coffee as their source for income. With fluctuations both in coffee prices and demand, a small drop in either of these can severely affect the producer’s income. Due to the coffee crisis, a group of women in the Atenas area decided to diversify their income base and start a business growing orchids and making compost.

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Baja Turtle Research & Whale Watching

Sea Turtle conservation, volunteering, baja mexico

Join a unique whale watching and turtle research excursion to Magdalena Bay. You will get up close and personal with gray whales and learn about their annual migration all the way from Alaska. You will also have the unique opportunity to participate in hands-on green sea turtle research with local conservationists.

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