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Volunteering in a medical centre in Nepal!

Since 2010 EHN has been working providing medical volunteers to several centres across Nepal sending them where they are needed the most. Long term though we hope to push further into the mountains and reach villages where a simple illness means the chance of dying. With a little help we can create small centres to provide basic care, health teaching and hygienic training to the villagers which will save lives. Volunteering here really depends on your qualifications because the more experience you have the more you can help there.

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Rural Community project, Nepal

These projects are aimed at promoting social upliftment through teaching, cultural exchange and tackling health issues. You will help to contribute to improving the lives of local Nepalese people in a real way, and experience the reality of life for the rural nepalese.

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Climate Change in India's Western Ghat Forests

Climate Change in India's Western Ghat Forests (Earthwatch)

Billions of people around the world rely on forests for food, shelter, fuel, medicines, stable soils, clean air and fresh water. Forests harbor more species than any other terrestrial habitat and safeguard the world’s biological heritage. They are integral components of many landscapes, playing a unique role in the cultural fabric of diverse societies and creating livelihoods for forest dependent communities. Studies in the Western Ghats have already shown a large dependence of local communities and their economies on forest products, but climate change is likely to significantly impact the diverse forest ecosystems found here, and the many services they provide.

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  • Program ID: #1621
  • Duration:
  • Location:
    India Regional Climate Centre
    Uttara Kannada District
    14° 37' 10.2" N, 74° 50' 7.44" E

Wildlife of the Mongolian Steppe

Wildlife of the Mongolian Steppe (Earthwatch)

This magnificent region of semi-arid grasslands and rocky outcrops is one of the best hopes for wildlife in central Asia. Argali sheep, lesser kestrels, cinereous vultures, and other animals threatened throughout their range find a stronghold here. Herds of graceful Mongolian gazelles and goitered gazelles roam freely through the reserve. For the past several years, Earthwatch teams have worked to study and conserve the area's wildlife, including the "near-threatened" argali—the largest mountain sheep in the world with huge, curling horns.

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  • Program ID: #2046
  • Duration:
  • Location:
    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Ulaanbaatar
    47° 50' 33.5688" N, 106° 55' 8.202" E

Language Exchange Homestay in Thailand!

Visit Thailand

The Language Homestay program in Thailand offers the opportunity for participants to become a conversation friend in a local family while sharing their everyday life. Participants spend approximately 15 hours per week conversing with members of the host family to improve their fluency in English. The rest of the time is yours to experience life in the “Land of Smiles” as a native and immerse yourself in Thai language, culture and lifestyle.

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  • Program ID: #1641
  • Duration:
  • Location:
    19° 50' 57.8184" N, 99° 45' 21.0924" E