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Elephant Compassion in Thailand

There is an elephant sanctuary located south west of Bangkok, on monastery grounds, that is part of a larger rescue centre. It’s the perfect place to volunteer abroad with elephants. Nearby forests give rescued elephants the chance to roam around in a more natural environment. They spend from late afternoon until early morning on their own in the forest enabling them to display natural behaviour and to forage for themselves for food.

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Elephant Rehabilitation Project in Thailand

Elephant volunteer project

Most of the animals residing at the sanctuary were maltreated before they arrived here, suffering from abuse, malnutrition, neglect and improper care, rescued from the illegal pet trade, or have previously been exploited for the tourism industry. Many of the animals arrive with permanent disabilities and hence, cannot be returned to the wild. The centre's mission is to give these animals the best quality of life possible in captivity.

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A Remarkable Conservation Expedition to India

Tiger in the wild

This is a premium 11-day conservation expedition that will make a difference to you, and to the areas you visit. You have the same Tour Leader/Naturalist from start to finish, and a portion of the cost is donated to the important work of the World Wildlife Fund - India. This tour employs local people, uses locally owned and operated lodges and outfitters, and use local goods and services to make your stay both extremely comfortable and truly sustainable.

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    Various National Reserves Delhi
    28° 1' 59.5128" N, 77° 44' 21.3288" E

Assist with Infrastructure Development in Nepal

Volunteer in Nepal

Discover the vast and fascinating continent of Asia while you get involved in community construction projects in the landlocked and mountain-dominated landscape of Nepal. Depending on the needs on the ground at any given time, you will work alongside community members to help deliver basic needs such as water security initiatives or renovating schools to establish suitable learning environments. Water security: 
Unsafe drinking water and unhygienic sanitation practices can cause widespread health problems in the community.

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Assist special needs chidren in India with physical activity

Live and volunteer in India to support instructional sessions around physical activities, arts, or music with individuals that have physical and mental disabilities. You will work in a supporting role at a special needs school, and you can get involved in leading sessions of games or sports, arts and other basic activities alongside specialist teachers.

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