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Teaching Program, Tanzania

The vocational school hosts young adults between the ages of 14 and 22 who are unable to pay US$40 per year to attend secondary school. Many of the students come from extremely poor families or are orphans. In the town of Usa River, large numbers of young people risk ending up on the streets and are often drawn into a life of crime. The school not only equips its students with educational skills, but also provides structure and a positive environment in which to acquire positive life skills.

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Working With Children in Tanzania

The orphanage we work with is home to 50 children between the ages of 2 and 9. The children are split into two groups. The baby class has approximately 40 under-4s and the kindergarten usually has 10 pupils. The two-to-four year olds are taught the basics of identifying letters and numbers. Those aged 4 to 9, meanwhile, are being prepared for elementary school and are taught to read, write and do simple mathematics. All pupils are taught English.

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Environmental Programs, South Africa

Environmental programs revolve around educating future generations on conserving the environment, through educational camps and activities put in place to promote sustainability for the future. Duties include visitor management and outdoor environmental work. For example clearing paths, removing alien vegetation, bird counting, and facilitating awareness programs for people of different ages. There are also various outdoor building and upgrading projects that could be done.

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Monkey Rehabilitation, South Africa

Situated in the Limpopo Provence – this project’s mission is to help raise orphaned and injured animals and ultimately reintegrate them back into the wild. The program entails feeding animals, caring for young and sick monkeys and animals as well as cleaning cages, camps, clinics, kitchens and enclosures. Volunteers will be on 24 hour emergency stand-by once a week. They will assist staff with ad-hoc duties such as creating natural environments in the enclosures, building of camps, keeping data lists.

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Working With Children in Senegal

The orphanages, where volunteers are placed in Senegal, house children aged 0-12 years. Some have been orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS, while others have been taken off the streets or were abandoned at birth. By supporting the overstretched orphanage staff, volunteers in Senegal provide much needed assistance. Among the orphans are many who suffer disabilities; many will have endured suffering from an early age. The volunteer’s contribution can help bring a brighter future for these children.

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