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Teach marginalized kids to surf in South Africa

Come and join a team that teaches children to surf, in addition to coaching other mainstream South African sports in townships that surround the beautiful city of Cape Town. The aim is for you to assist teachers and staff to run sports lessons at the township schools in the mornings. You will be running general physical education classes but you may also be teaching specific sports like football, netball, cricket, tennis, athletics and rugby.

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Help Create Sustainable Change in Kenya


A One Horizon program in Kenya will expose you to a different way of life. In our 7-day itinerary, you will be visiting 5 centres in and around Nairobi. These centres range from an infants’ crèche and primary schools in the slums of Kibera and Kwangware, to a refuge and retraining centre for HIV-affected women in Ngong Hills.

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Volunteer with Children in Kenya


In this 1-day program, you will be visiting a primary school in east Africa’s largest slum, Kibera.  Kibera is found in the centre of Nairobi and is home to half a million people. Here you can become involved helping cook lunch for the children, in assisting with our health checks and in reading to children whose everyday survival is a challenge. Our Feeding Projects, for instance, are crucial to ensure that children in particular have their nutritional needs met.

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South African Wildlife Research Expedition

Witness nature in its simplest form, from watching a lion hunt, to a newborn cheetah cub play, to a stand-off between two elephants. In the African bush you can never tell what you will find just around the corner... Travel to the home of the Big Five in the South African bush, assisting our team's important conservation research.

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Assist Vets in an abused animal shelter in Cape Town

Work alongside vets who will train you in veterinary practice and educate people from the disadvantaged communities on animal care whilst experiencing the local culture. Be part of a pro-life rescue organisation whose main focus is to assist distressed pets from the townships.

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