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Southern Africa Summer Group Volunteering Tour

Make this your most rewarding Summer break yet! We've created a group tour for the adventurous soul who wants to give back while also exploring the very best of Southern Africa. Overseas volunteers give local children a greater global perspective and an opportunity to learn about other countries and cultures while broadening their knowledge and understanding of the world.

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  • Program ID: #2588
  • Duration:
  • Location:
    Southern Africa - Zambia, Botswana & South Africa Livingstone
    17° 51' 58.8996" S, 25° 50' 48.156" E

East Africa Summer Group Volunteering Tour

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime in Tanzania this summer! Give back in local communities while also exploring the famous Serengeti and relaxing under the warm sun on Zanzibar’s famous beaches. Spend two weeks making a tangible difference in the rural communities of Tanzania through various various community development projects  Live like locals! During your tour you will be living in the communities you are working in both at the dramatic foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Moshi and on the white sand beaches of Jambiani, Zanzibar.

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  • Program ID: #2587
  • Duration:
  • Location:
    Tanzania & Zanzibar Moshi
    3° 20' 15.3996" S, 37° 20' 28.1616" E

Auditing Sharks in South Africa

Be among the first to research shysharks, catsharks, pajama sharks, and other small shark species, some of which live nowhere else in the world. They could disappear before humans get to learn much about them: 25 percent of the world’s shark and ray species (their relatives) face extinction. That’s why scientists want your help. Very little is known about the sharks in Walker Bay. To better protect them, scientists urgently need to understand the diversity of species and how they are distributed throughout the bay.

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  • Program ID: #2581
  • Duration:
  • Location:
    Walker Bay
    South Africa
    34° 27' 45.2196" S, 19° 20' 50.9028" E

Watamu Turtles, Keyna

Join this programme and take part in sea turtle conservation volunteer work involving research and monitoring of nesting turtles, education and outreach as well as turtle rehabilitation all throughout the year in Watamu, Kenya. The project was featured in the last episode of a 6 part BBC documentary series, Africa, featuring Sir David Attenborough. You can join for 4 weeks up to 8 weeks all year round. We have places available all throughout the year.

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Dolphin & Whale Research, South Africa

Become a marine conservation volunteer and work on dolphin and whale research projects, helping to understand more about these magnificent species. Marine conservation volunteers will also have the opportunity to assist with community education projects on the South African coastline and aid with maintaining the high coastline quality. Opportunities also exist to volunteer with sea turtle and penguin rescue and monitor river health.

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