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Southern Africa Summer Group Volunteering Tour

Make this your most rewarding Summer break yet! We've created a group tour for the adventurous soul who wants to give back while also exploring the very best of Southern Africa. Overseas volunteers give local children a greater global perspective and an opportunity to learn about other countries and cultures while broadening their knowledge and understanding of the world.

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    Southern Africa - Zambia, Botswana & South Africa Livingstone
    17° 51' 58.8996" S, 25° 50' 48.156" E

Medical & Health Program in Zambia

Love Volunteer’s partner works with several busy clinics and hospitals. The duties assigned to medical volunteers depend on the individual’s interests and expertise. Medical students who take up volunteering on this program gain an invaluable opportunity to increase their medical experience by working in local clinics and hospitals. Many of the clinics are struggling to cope with an HIV epidemic in Zambia. Volunteers assist the medical staff with various duties and responsibilities and this badly needed help with the Zambia Aids crisis contributes directly to improving the population's health in Zambia.

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Teaching Program in Zambia

Those volunteering in Zambia to teach will often be assisting local teachers in delivering various subjects. Among these are mathematics, science, geography, social sciences, history, business studies, art, music, as well as English. Neither formal teacher training nor teaching experience is demanded of those wishing to be volunteer teachers in Zambia. The programs take place in schools where the students come from very difficult economic circumstances or are orphans.

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Chimpanzee Wildlife & Orphan Care Project, Zambia

Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Orphanage Volunteering

Help take care of over a hundred chimpanzees in the biggest chimp sanctuary in the world! Interact with orphaned chimps, assist with behavioural research initiatives, behavioural enrichment activities, infrastructure development and community farming initiatives. Chimfunshi is a family-run wildlife orphanage in northern Zambia.It was founded in 1983 when a game ranger brought a badly wounded infant chimpanzee to the cattle ranch of David and Sheila Siddle, a British couple who had lived along the Zambian copperbelt since the 1950s.

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Sports & Community Project, Livingstone Zambia

Livingstone Sports Community Project

Against the stunning backdrop of the world famous Victoria Falls, we invite you to join our Sports Project Volunteers training, guiding and working with soccer teams in the Livingstone community as well as physical education in schools which is sorely neglected due to lack of trained teachers. We believe sport is an essential and effective tool to teach about various subjects such as HIV, Nutrition and Healthy Living. You will also get involved in other exciting community and school building projects in Livingstone.

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