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Saving Sea Turtles in Borneo

Travel to Borneo and participate with a turtle nesting and land coral reef conservation project. The dual focus of this project is to renovate the coral reefs that have been badly damaged due to 45 years of fish bombing and to help protect the endangered Green and Hawksbill Turtles. The turtles come to the island from May to September to nest. Working on this Island Coral Reef Conservation and Turtle Nesting project will help to increase the number of pelagic fish in the area.

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Borneo Orangutan Protection

How about signing up for jungle survival training, while helping save Orangutans at the same time? You'll enter one of the world’s last great wildernesses. Divided between Malaysia and Indonesia, the project is based in Kalimantan. Working with a new orangutan rehabilitation project, you'll head deep into the jungle to help construct rope bridges, hides and viewing structures.

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    Kalimantan Kalimantan
    0° 39' 32.994" N, 114° 0' 58.0068" E

Coral Reef, Turtles & Shark Conservation project in Borneo

dive volunteer project sipadan sabah borneo conservation sharks turtles coral

Volunteer with an ongoing coral reef research programme and help protect coral reefs for future generations. TRACC has worked in Borneo for 16 years and has identified all the issues. We need you to be part of the solution. You will replant a coral reef, protect turtles, sharks and rays at the same time as you develop snorkel & dive skills. Diving is not required but if you want to experience the full beauty of a coral reef we will will guide you through your dive course and help you get qualifications in ideal conditions.

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Trekforce Borneo

Deep in the world’s oldest tropical rainforest and last home of the endangered Orang-utan, Trekforce and the indigenous tribes of the Kelabit highlands have been working to combat the threat of deforestation. The jungles of Borneo nurture wildlife of incredible diversity and rarity and our volunteers work to save vital areas from destruction and establish sustainable eco-tourism to ensure ongoing protection. Join us for an unforgettable 8 week adventure and learn how to survive in, and protect this stunning wilderness.

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Environmental and Community Work on the Kinabatangan River in Borneo

Volunteer abroad and get the chance of seeing the pygmy elephant in Borneo

This volunteer project in Borneo is based on the banks of the stunning Kinabatangan River; an extremely biologically diverse area where orangutans, gibbons, proboscis monkeys, langur monkeys, Borneo pygmy elephants, crocodiles and a whole host of wild and wonderful bird species live. This project is a unique initiative that is run for the community by the community. It was set up to protect the forest habitat, wildlife and biodiversity of the local area while preserving the livelihood of the local population.

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