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Madagascar Lemur Research & Conservation

Take part in fascinating field work that ventures into the famous forests of Madagascar. Trekking for Lemurs and taking part in very important scientific research is an unforgettable experience. This initiative aims to conserve not just the variety of lemur species, but also the other inhabitants of a very rapidly disappearing forest. You will be involved in collecting data that makes a real difference to the conservation of the unique biodiversity in the area.

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Medical Outreach in Rural Madagascar

Medical Volunteering

The rural communities of South East Madagascar have a serious need of medical assistance, from basic education on how to care for small wounds, to more major issues such as assistance with pre and post natal care, burn victims (from open fire ovens) and illnesses such as malaria and HIV. There is a huge need for medical assistance in the local clinic and through outreach work. We welcome qualified medical practitioners, medical students, nutritionists, and general volunteers to assist with all aspects of the work.

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