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Working with Children with Disablities

Government and community support for children with disabilities in Morocco can be seriously lacking. As a result most children with disabilities are destined for a life of poverty. This also puts incredible stress on the children's families. Volunteers working on this project will play, feed and look after children of all ages.

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Women's Empowerment

Volunteers work directly with local women to support their pursuit of healthy and self-sustainable livelihoods. Among other things, volunteers will teach conversational English. This project allows volunteers to get a clear idea of women’s rights in Morocco.

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Working with Children and Young People, Morocco

Teaching Programs in Morocco

Volunteers teach foreign languages to Moroccan children who come from very modest backgrounds. These children can not afford to attend private language centres and the volunteer's presence gives them every chance to gain the vital skills necessary for a a prosperous life. Volunteering with this project will allow participants to gain a deep understanding of Morocco’s educational system.

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Caring for children in need in Morocco

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