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Be a Volunteer Teacher in Ghana

Many schools in Ghana are currently struggling with overcrowded classes and a lack of skilled teachers. As a volunteer you will help to empower girls and boys by giving them the skills they need for the future and to make their voice heard.

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Volunteer in an Orphanage in Ghana

You have the opportunity to work alongside local staff at an orphanage in Ghana. The home is basic, underdeveloped and in need of volunteers to assist. These children need love and attention, and assistance with education and developing their life skills. Providing the children with the essential skills in life will help them on their way to successful futures free from poverty, filled with the same opportunities as others. Your contribution is invaluable to the children on the program.

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Ghana Farming Program

You will have the opportunity to work alongside local Ghanaians to assist in local farming programs. The benefits of volunteering extend to you - the volunteer, and to the community and project where you serve.  Personal benefits include development of life skills, personal growth, friendship, increased self confidence, social awareness, and building independence.  An international volunteer experience will also enhance career prospects.

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Volunteer in Medical placements, Ghana

Medical volunteers in Ghana get to undertake duties according to their own interests and areas of expertise. Medical student volunteers shadow local doctors and nurses, assisting them and learning by observing their work at clinics and hospitals. Additionally, there are volunteer roles in the field of HIV/Aids awareness and education.

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Kids' Creative Art Centre, Ghana

The Kids’ Creative Art centre is based in the Ashanti region of Ghana near Kumasi. The art centre was built by volunteers and is now being used as a library and creative art hub for orphans and vulnerable children in the area. We are looking for volunteers to help staff the project. Ideally, two volunteers will work on the project at one time. Volunteers will assist children to develop their cognitive abilities through creative methods using constructive materials, paints, clay and drawing.

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