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Pacific Sea Turtle Volunteer Project, Costa Rica

Volunteer with sea turtles in Costa Rica as one of our marine conservation volunteers, and join this Olive Ridley turtle programme in the spectacular Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica on Drake Bay, home to over 25 dolphin and whale species and the Olive Ridley Turtle. Marine conservation volunteers will take part in night surveys, monitoring eggs and baby turtles, releasing baby turtles into the ocean and helping with local conservation education projects.

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Saving Costa Rica's Pacific Sea Turtles

This particular project offers four locations for conservation travellers to choose from, all along Costa Rica's popular Nicoya Peninsula, located south of surf mecca Tamarindo. One week rates are less than $500 USD/per person, and include lodging, all meals, training, and a small contribution to ongoing sea turtle conservation efforts. Being able to speak Spanish is not necessary for participating at this project. There will always be a Spanish speaking coordinator on site to help with local communication.

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Jaguar Conservation in Costa Rica

Assist in the protection of endangered Jaguars, whilst living and working in Costa Rica’s rainforest. Since the 1950s the population of Jaguars within the Americas has plummeted from over 400,000 to an estimated 14,000 now. During your stay, you will not only contribute to the preservation of the elusive jaguar, you will also join a team contributing to the development and management of long-term wildlife conservation efforts along Central America’s Caribbean coast.

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Support a Women's Co-op in Costa Rica

Volunteer in Costa Rica

As a volunteer with a women’s cooperative in Costa Rica, you will have the chance to not only travel to a beautiful country, but engage in the fight for gender equality and help women in a variety of ways economically, socially and emotionally. Currently, we are collaborating with a women’s cooperative called AMASIA, that is working with greenhouses as an income-generating project in San Isidro, close to Atenas.

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Costa Rica Medical Volunteer Program

The benefits of volunteering extend to you - the volunteer, and to the local community in Costa Rica where you will serve.  Personal benefits include development of life skills, personal growth, friendship, increased self confidence, social awareness, and building independence.  An international volunteer experience will also enhance career prospects. When you volunteer with GVN, you can be assured you are helping a local grassroots organisation.

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