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Saving Chimps and Gorillas in Cameroon

Become a Conservation Traveller and help save two of the most threatened African great apes: Gorillas and Chimpanzees. This initiative provides a rounded approach to conserving the great apes’ natural habitat. As a participant you will be tracking the movements of wild Gorillas; and raising awareness in the local rural communities in Cameroon, Africa. A true life changing experience.

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Medical Volunteering, Cameroon

  Medical programs in Cameroon welcome volunteers with a wide range of levels of experience, including qualified medical personnel, medical students and pre-med students. Attendance on a medical volunteer project is itself a helpful preparation for a medical career, for this reason, provided they are enthusiastic and truly eager to help in the health sector, even individuals without medical experience can be accepted.

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Teaching in Schools, Cameroon

Volunteers in Cameroon contribute to the delivery of a range of subjects, among them English, sports, computer skills, and basic life skills for those with disabilities. To volunteer in Cameroon where you will be working at one of the under-resourced schools, no formal teaching qualification is required. Equally, while valuable, holding a TEFL certificate is not a stipulation. Typically, the children concerned will be between 4 and 17 years of age.

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