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Language Exchange Homestay in Brazil

You’ll never have so much fun trying to pronounce 'Rio de Janeiro' or Pao de quejo' as you will when you pronounce it in a true Brazilian accent.

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    Brazil Nationwide
    22° 59' 55.8672" S, 43° 9' 15.4692" W

Volunteer in Brazil

Brazil is a country of extraordinary size, covering almost half of South America , granting it an expressive cultural diversity and a huge variety of landscapes and people, creating deep impressions on its visitors. As a volunteer you will experience Brazil from a whole different side and gain a perspective from the community. The goal of all the volunteer programme is to make a positive impact on Brazilian society and on the projects in which they take place and promote intercultural exchange.

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Sports programmes in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

At just about every corner of Rio de Janeiro, you will find the locals playing Brazil’s national sport: futebol; but now you can be a part of the team as a volunteer on one of our sports programs. Athletics have become vital for Rio’s lowest income communities, as they provide children and adolescents with recreational outlets in neighborhoods that offer young people very few options for entertainment.

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Child development in Brazil

If you’re the type of person who has a genuine affection for young children and who wants to jump in to a high energy, life-changing experience to help develop their skills and equip them for a bright educational future - volunteering in one of our community development projects may be just the opportunity for you. Helping in child development is undoubtedly the most beneficial way to increase the life chances of children living in a country with one of the most pronounced wealth gaps in the world.

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Teaching English

You can do so much more than just teach English on this project; you will be working, side-by-side with your students, sharing perspective and encouraging cultural understanding. As an English teacher, you will also be exposing your students to one of the world’s most spoken languages and the one that fuels the global economy. Students range in age from primary school age to the elderly - but no matter who sits in your classroom, teaching English is bound to be an extraordinarily fulfilling experience.

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