List your Project

Got a program that the world needs to know about? Then welcome to GoVoluntouring.


We exist to connect participants (whether they be volunteers, teachers, coaches and learners) with programs that match their unique needs and interests. 


We are a match-maker of sorts, and we love what we do.


We have built a model that allows participants to use filters as a tool in finding their perfect program. By virtue of these same filters, you, the program, are then matched with more like-minded, and like-abled participants.


Before we get going too far though, we do need to get to know each other. We’ve got some questions. They exist to make GoVoluntouring stronger and more transparent. We want to see your track record. We want to speak to people that know you from the inside and out. We need to do some homework on you. It’s important to our goals, and it's important to our users.

Our partners must offer programming that, through the life cycle and network of impacts, adds cultural, social and environmental benefits through their footprint. If a prospective partner is deemed to be in conflict with these ideals, their registration will not proceed. If a current partner is ever found, to be in (future) violation of these ideals, it may result from being removed from the community permanently. 


There are a couple other things to know. Non-profits are always free. It is our mandate to empower those that need it the most. If you are a for-profit organisation, you are welcome to give us a test-drive at no-cost, and for a fixed period of time, and we will show you how we can handle the road.


If everything works out, you register a user-account, wait for a 2nd round of authorisations, and begin managing your own program profile page(s). It’s really that easy. Please note that by uploading content (media included) you allow GoVoluntouring access in using it towards related marketing or promotional initiatives. As such, please ensure content is rights free. If you don't know, please don't use it.


To get going, just drop us a message to: info[at], with a Subject Line titled: ‘New Program Inquiry’, and then introduce yourself. 


We’re good listeners, and we’re here to help.