The Glory Of Ghana

The Glory Of Ghana takes place in beautiful Ho, the capital of the Volta Region, in southeast Ghana, near Mount Adaklu. Once part of the German colony of Togoland, then occupied by the British, the country finally gained independence in 1957. Ho itself is safe town, enveloped by a lush, mountainous surrounding area, and well-known for a lively and huge open market that attracts people from all over Ghana and Togo. There are a few internet cafes, numerous churches and restaurants, and a town that feels like a huge village.
  Never have smiles been easier to come by, nor more beautiful than in Ghana; locals are always willing to chat and teach you their distinctive greeting (a finger clicking handshake.) The beautiful area, combined with the history of the Ewe people of Ghana, make it a place many never want to leave. But, despite the natural beauty, Ho and surrounding communities are facing a variety of challenges ranging from lack of clean water in rural areas to a workforce untrained in the use of modern tools such as the internet, something many there view as a necessity if Ghana is to progress. Nor are there currently enough teachers or facilities to offer free education to all children, many roads are not paved and the republic is still heavily dependent on international financial and technical assistance.
  This is a lovely place to offer your much-needed hand, for, as Lonely Planet writers state: If an award were given for the country with the friendliest people in West Africa, Ghana would be a strong contender... you'll swear the wind and waves off the Gulf of Guinea have infused the land and people alike with equatorial warmth.

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What to Expect?

Volunteers will work with a locally organized group on different projects in numerous surrounding villages. Projects are in one of two areas: the first is Rural Communities and School Support related. These projects include the building of school blocks for kindergartners, instruction, or improvement of washrooms and facilities that the children use (often times current conditions are extremely unsanitary.) Volunteers might also help with the construction of wells or water systems, which can save lives in the dry season, or build libraries or internet training centers. The second project area is Orphanage Home Support Projects. These projects entail volunteers working to improve the facilities at a local orphanage. Efforts in Ghana have a great deal of support in the local communities, and volunteers will be cherished and appreciated as they help the people of Ho, and of Ghana, on projects that are important to them, and learn to see and experience their culture in a way that few rarely ever do. Projects vary depending on the number of volunteers, which projects were finished (or not) with the prior group, what priorities have changed, weather conditions, which supplies are available, and often the interest and fitness level of the volunteers. For these reasons, specific projects are often not fixed until the week prior to your arrival and can even change upon arrival.

  • Program ID: # 2004
  • duration:
    1 to 2 Weeks
  • location:
    Ho, Ghana Ho
    6° 35' 58.7112" N, 0° 28' 17.2848" E
  • Fitness level:
    Light Impact
    Moderately Fit
    Very Fit
  • Closest Airport:
    Please contact program
  • Costs From:
    $1000 to $1500
  • Program Type:
    Community Development Projects
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