Football enthusiasts and Sports coaches required in the Maldives!

Sports are enjoyed by people the world over, and Maldivians are no exception! It's still one of the best ways to unite people, creating strong community spirit and forging lifelong friendships. Our sports programs have been very successful, with more to be implemented next year, working with new islands and NGO's. Volunteer Maldives works alongside local coaches who are either part of a youth and sports group, or work within schools. Whether teaching aerobics, badminton, volleyball, football, dance and a myriad of opportunities await volunteers with lots of energy and enthusiasm to inspire the youth and to get the more mature islanders moving also!Volunteers are needed to develop better sports programs and to allow children to discover where their talents lie.

There are also opportunities to combine a sports program with another project such as pre-school or teaching... you can utilize your sports talents and get involved with after school clubs to really enhance your volunteer experience! You will be an assistant on these projects and help plan, prepare and deliver sports, games and activities within the community, as well as encouraging and motivating those who attend. You can act as a referee or help coach the people in their chosen activity. You can also help organize tournaments and competitions and help draw up training schedules if you have lots of energy!

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What to Expect?

If you are carrying out your project as a sports coach within a school, there will normally be a structured timetable in place for you to follow. Dependent on the size of the school, classrooms available and number of students, sometimes there is only one working session, other times there are two. If you feel you could help out in other ways within the community with extra curricular sports - feel free to speak up! You'll find the Maldivians are sometimes a little shy with volunteers, and consequently do not want to ask too much of them!

They'll therefore welcome any other ideas you have to implement new ideas! If your volunteer project is not within a school, you'll probably need to be pro-active in organising events and classes within the community. With football, you'll have the guys queing up for a game - other sports such as netball - you may have to convince the girls to participate. Dependent on the island, and facilities available though, it may be possible to gradually introduce programs - such as water aerobics, yoga, or even start very gently with a daily walking schedule around the island for the local ladies!

  • Program ID: # 2027
  • duration:
    1 to 3 Months
  • location:
    Male Male
    0° 41' 36.582" S, 73° 9' 13.8204" E
  • Fitness level:
    Moderately Fit
  • Closest Airport:
    Various locations available
  • Costs From:
    $1500 to $3000
  • Program Type:
    Community Development Projects
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