English Teaching in Paradise

Teaching in the Maldives is an incredibly rewarding experience, with islands throughout this unique country desperately needing qualified teachers and teacher trainers, and non-qualified, but English speakers to assist in the classrooms. English is the second language of the Maldives, and is taught in all schools, and in business, however, much help is needed in the teaching of the language.

There is a high demand for projects, minimum time of 1 month - the islands really need your help to make a positive impact on the early learning years of the children. This includes help in the pre-schools on the islands - children agen 3 - 6 years, and mainstream schools require teachers to assist with the junior age groups 6-10 years to ensure a good foundation level of the language is maintained. The Maldivian academic year runs from January to November and placements are available throughout the year, particularly at the beginning of the year! We have many testimonials from our past volunteers who have had such a positive life experience working with these small communities - and in such a beautiful country, we even have volunteers who have returned, or stayed!

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What to Expect?

We work with many islands across the country - and establish each islands' needs individually with either the schools and Principals directly, or with the NGO's on the island. Volunteers need to stay a minimum of a month to fully immerse themselves into the program, and the community, and also for the communities to become used to the volunteers also. Accommodation is usually in a house especially set up for volunteers, or rooms are arranged within a family home for a much more homely and cultural experience, where you share meals and daily life!

Dependent on your experience you may be given classes of your own, assist the existing teachers, or conduct teacher training courses. Even if you're not a qualified teacher, you may be asked to take a workshop or train teachers! - don't be anxious about this! - you are probably more adept to do this than you think! Some online research of classroom work sheets and resources are normally sufficient enough to enable you to rise to the challange - and you'll come away feeling enormously proud of yourself, and have some very happy islanders hanging on to your every word!

  • Program ID: # 1872
  • duration:
    1 to 3 Months
  • location:
    Maldives Male
    4° 10' 12.7308" N, 73° 32' 29.634" E
  • Fitness level:
    Light Impact
  • Closest Airport:
    Various locations available
  • Costs From:
    $1500 to $3000
    Over $3000
  • Program Type:
    Teach Overseas
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