GoVoluntouring Ltd. stresses the importance of this disclaimer.    


By using GoVoluntouring.com, both the USER and PROGRAM understand, acknowledge, and accept the following terms of disclaimer.   


In the context of this disclaimer, any would-be volunteer, teacher, student, or otherwise, that accesses any listed material, with the objective to participate, research, and/or refer ‘Programs’, are referred to as ‘USERS’.   


In the context of this disclaimer, PROGRAMs are those that publish their opportunities as ‘listed content’ through GoVoluntouring Ltd.'s Program Profiles.


While GoVoluntouring Ltd. makes a concerted effort to ensure that the information about our listed programs is both current and precise, we CANNOT guarantee that the information is constantly accurate. EACH program listing is independently administered by an internal agent, or representative of the PROGRAM, and not GoVoluntouring Ltd. In some instances GoVoluntouring Ltd. may assist those Programs with technical difficulties, but we are not responsible for the material that we are given.   


It is very important for USERS of our service to independently verify any of the information about a program of interest, such as confirming availability, questions regarding health and wellness, and contingency planning. To assist in this verification, our Program Profiles contain direct information (links and direct contact forms) for which it is highly recommended that a USER leverage.   


GoVoluntouring Ltd. endeavours to collect and compile information about the performance of our listed programs from our USERS. This information is based on what a USER discloses to GoVoluntouring, and, if felt to be in the best interest of the USERS, may result in the termination of a listing.    


Each USER agrees that GoVoluntouring Ltd. cannot, and will not be held liable for any loss or damage suffered by any USER as a result of inaccurate, or incomplete information, or a failure to meet service deliverables with respect to any Program listed on the GoVoluntouring.com.   


The PROGRAM accepts that GoVoluntouring Ltd. does not own, nor control the USERS, and therefore cannot guarantee, or be responsible for the conduct of any USER in their respective dealings with a listing program. Each PROGRAM agrees that GoVoluntouring Ltd. cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss or damage suffered by a USER as a result of dealings between a USER and a Program. Each USER negotiates/accepts his/her/its own terms with the Program, and is responsible for all issues relating to the formation and performance of the ‘contract’.   


While GoVoluntouring.com may be able to provide some assistance in resolving disputes with a Program, we do not have any legal control over either the USER or the Program, and each USER agrees and understands that ultimately the USER and the PROGRAM will have to resolve their differences through whatever method (negotiation, mediation, arbitration or court processes) they choose.   


Any use a USER or PROGRAM makes with GoVoluntouring Ltd’s website, or further mediums, is covered by this Disclaimer and by making use of the website or further mediums, a USER is deemed to have agreed, and is bound to, the terms of this Disclaimer.