Costa Rica Volunteer Program

Volunteers provide assistance to disadvantaged socio-economic groups within Costa Rican communities, focusing primarily on orphaned children, rural communities and school children.

Volunteers on the turtle programs are able to work with the endangered Leatherback (Baula) and Olive Ridley turtles along the unrivalled stretch of gorgeous Pacific and Caribbean beaches Costa Rica has to offer.

As a volunteer in Costa Rica you can provide love, affection, education and support to orphaned children.  You will help to improve education in schools ensuring children learn and flourish.  As a volunteer you can practice and teach preventative healthcare, and HIV care.   Depending on your interests you can also contribute to building projects in impoverished communities, or in a coffee plantation project.  You will also provide education, inter-cultural exchange and understanding in Costa Rican communities.

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What to Expect?

Orphanage and Childcare

At the orphanage and childcare placements, volunteers will organise a variety of activities for the children, and assist with their school work. Volunteers are encouraged to use their skills and interests to develop music and dance, jewellery making, aerobics and arts & crafts work shops. Alongside the orphanage work, volunteers may also work in shelters, community centres or childcare facilities in impoverished housing areas, always working alongside severely underprivileged children.

Teaching English

At teaching English placements volunteers will teach children of all ages, and will also participate in cultural activities and recreational games. Our teaching placements are all situated in impoverished housing areas, and teaching normally takes place in a small community centre or Church.

Turtle Project

Volunteers will work with the endangered Olive Ridley, Leatherback Black and/or Green turtles along the gorgeous coastlines of Costa Rica. Both species' populations are in sharp decline due to over harvesting of eggs, beach development, fishing, pollution, and being killed for their meat and leather.


Volunteers will work on one of our construction projects based in and around San Jose. These include renovation work (painting, plastering and repairs) and full construction projects (carpentry, masonry, laying tiles and plumbing). The construction placements are located in extremely impoverished housing areas or schools, and are guided by a Spanish speaking foreman, experienced in guiding international volunteers.

Coffee Cooperative

In our Coffee cooperative program, volunteers will assist with the sustainable production of coffee in a rural farming community, in the mountainous region of Costa Rica. Volunteers will assist with coffee-picking in the fields, roasting the beans and packaging the final product, alongside wider agricultural activities. As well as various agricultural activities, volunteers will also be involved in marketing of the coffee product to the wider market.

Healthcare - Health Education

Volunteers will work in either a residence for HIV positive people, or in an assisted living facility for very low income elderly residents. At the HIV residence, volunteers will provide companionship to patients and providing general help in the on-site clinic.

Healthcare - Occupational Therapy

Volunteers will work at a non-residential centre for autistic adults to improve their life skills and help them function better in society. Individuals attending the centre have physical and mental disabilities of varying severity and need individual attention and care. Most of these individuals are independent and volunteers will mainly help around the centre by offering workshops, helping with daily physical therapy and simply spending time and chatting with the individuals at the centre.

Healthcare - Medical

Volunteers work in a medical setting, such as an ambulance service or a hospital. This project is for med students, pre-med students and qualified nurses or doctors.

  • Program ID: # 2311
  • duration:
    1 to 2 Weeks
    2 Weeks to 1 Month
    1 to 3 Months
    More than 3 Months
  • location:
    San Jose
    Costa Rica
    9° 56' 49.9524" N, 84° 4' 2.5788" W
  • Fitness level:
    Light Impact
  • Closest Airport:
    San Jose (SJO)
  • Costs From:
    $1000 to $1500
    $1500 to $3000
  • Program Type:
    Community Development Projects
    Environmental & Wildlife Programs
    Teach Overseas
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