Conversation Corps Spain

This is a great program for people who want to experience life in Spain and the Spanish culture in-depth. The program has a focus on cultural exchange and host families are not only excited to learn English but also love to share the characteristics of their country, culture and cuisine.

Volunteer 15 hours each week helping with conversational English in exchange for free room and board! Conversation Corps volunteers are placed all over the country.

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What to Expect?

Share your language with your host family up to 15 hours each week. You should work out your schedule with your host family in advance or immediately upon arrival. Your primary reason for being there is to provide conversation in your language. The family knows that and they are expecting you to set the teaching schedule in advance and bring materials with you that will help the family learn. This is your responsibility. They are expecting to take the lead from you.

Using GeoVisions' teaching materials that you download and bring with you, and your free Internet subscription to the online ESL Lounge along with your creativity, provide creative, fun and informative language sessions. If you get stumped and need specific help, our live and personalized Help Me Teach desk is always there for you to use.

Keep your room tidy and clean and respect the host family's rules and habits. Sleeping late everyday, spending your days in your room and not being accessible to the family is not respectful. Nor is it respectful to be on the Internet, your iPad or cell phone most of the time. Manage your own personal expenses (telephone bills, clothing, entertainment and spending money).

  • Program ID: # 1889
  • duration:
    1 to 3 Months
  • location:
    Spain Madrid and other cities
    40° 22' 48.1008" N, 3° 44' 7.2672" W
  • Fitness level:
    Light Impact
  • Closest Airport:
    Various in Spain
  • Costs From:
    $1000 to $1500
  • Program Type:
    Teach Overseas
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