Community Development

In many countries and regions of the world little infrastructure exists to assist the citizens that inhabit the areas. Infrastructure and services that we, in the developed world, take for granted. In many places electricity, potable water, sanitation, permanent shelter, schools, or even reliable roads do not exist. Many governments do not have the resources to provide these items to their citizens. The projects listed under this section aim to provide items and services that we would consider essential for development.


Imagine bringing clean, safe and reliable potable water to a community, building permanent homes for families, or providing electricity by installing solar generation systems. These projects can have a profound effect on a individual, perhaps a family in in some cases benefit an entire village. Community development projects enable people to shift their focus from community survival to community improvement. Their focus can then shift onto micro commerce, education, and heritage preservation. When the basics are provided a community can achieve great things.


These projects are a key pillar to enhancing lives in the developing world. I invite you to consider these projects as you look at your volunteering options, the one you choose has the potential to change entire communities.



Wes Tyre, Director