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GoVoluntouring is a socially-driven enterprise.

We exist to empower social groups and improve our environmental footprint. From top-to-bottom our organisation is about making a difference. It is about creating a new kind of travel, a new kind of choice.

We need people that share this philosophy. People that see speed bumps, not road blocks. People that believe in social equality across borders and environmental stewardship, and people that believe in themselves.  We work hard, and we play hard. We love to laugh, and we love to learn. We aim to be both confident and humble, both strong and sensitive, and we will always listen before we act. This is our ethos. This is what we want people to say about us when we're not in the room.  

Currently, we are staffed accordingly for the near term. With that said, we do expect to be hiring late in 2011 to fill the rolls of both Social Media Manager, and Program Co-ordinator. At that time, we will look for those that fit our personality, have extensive volunteering and job experience, and can speak and write Spanish fluently.

Thank you all for your consideration, and if you haven’t volunteered as yet, I know just the place to start your journey :)

Yours in change,  

Aaron Smith,  Founder & CEO