Working with children - our mistake! by Sallie at people and places (UK)

I'd like to introduce Sallie Grayson from people and places. Sallie is an amazing woman, full of compassion, unmatched energy, and with a sharp insight on the true challenges of the developing world. The saying 'keeping it real' could be Sallie's personal brand. She is a champion and educator in the purest sense of the terms.

Choosing Accommodation? Consider aiming your sights to a light shade of green.

Where to aim on the eco-continuum?

I spent over a year traveling around on sustainable hotel/resort site inspections from East Africa, to Central America, and seemingly all points in between. Rarely did I get to spend more than one or two nights at each property. For me to be thorough, I needed to have an action plan, call it a comprehensive checklist to each property. It wasn't easy, and I never had enough time to do laundry. *Admittedly, I have had to hand scrub jeans in the shower as a result, which is absolutely the green thing to do, but still isnt fun.

Thinking about Volunteering on your trip? Sure you've given it enough thought?

Thinking about Volunteering on your trip? Are you sure you’ve given it enough thought?

Many of us have volunteered during our travels before, and it seems that many more are considering it with every passing day. For good reason too. However, choosing which program to participate in, requires far more critical thought than choosing which all-inclusive in Mexico to order Mojitos from.

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